Fillable online form creator

Create, edit, share, and fill out forms online

Turn your text documents into fillable forms

Use any .docx document, download a form template from our library, or create an online form from scratch. Just add the fields you need - text areas, images, combo boxes, drop-down lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, emails, phone numbers, date & time, credit cards, ZIP codes - to get a complex sales agreement or development contract, then share and fill it out digitally. If necessary, use complex fields to compose a custom field you need.

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Edit forms by your rules

Format your form as any text document: manage fonts and styles, add tables, graphics, and other objects. Insert fields in line with your text or fix their position. Move and rotate fields. Easily adjust field size, enable multi-line entry, or spread the entered text evenly. Adjust the border and background colours. Add tips and placeholders, group fields to fill them out simultaneously, and use tags to simplify work with fields in automatic mode.

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Adjust text fields to any case

Allow usage of any specific symbols in text fields and set the needed format: None for usual text fields, Digits or Letters only, customizable Arbitrary Mask suitable for phone numbers, and Regular Expression, which implies using a rule according to which mandatory characters are entered in the field in the required order such as in email addresses.

Work collaboratively

Bring your team’s efforts together to automate your paperwork. Switch from real-time to paragraph-locking co-editing mode to not disturb your co-authors. Leave comments and communicate in real-time via the built-in chat or Telegram. Make audio and video calls with the Jitsi plugin.

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Fill out forms anywhere, anytime, on any device

Easily share oforms with others and provide the appropriate permission within ONLYOFFICE Workspace. Fill them out online, locally with ONLYOFFICE desktop apps or even on the go using the free mobile apps for iOS and Android. Save your form as a standard PDF file to view and fill in using any PDF editor like Adobe Acrobat.

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Authenticate digital data with e-signatures

Assign various recipient roles with the role-matching colors. Customize the list of default roles to better match your workflow requirements. Coming soon: Let users sign an entire form or just some fields. ONLYOFFICE uses ED25519 keys for digital signatures.

Read the OFORM specification

Secure your sensitive field data coming soon

Protect your form and its contents, i.e., field data. ONLYOFFICE uses the symmetric AES 256 GCM algorithm to encrypt data and the asymmetric algorithm based on the Curve25519 keys to encrypt a key.

Read the OFORM specification

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Create rooms within your secure DocSpace, invite people, view, edit, and collaborate on all kinds of documents from any desktop or mobile device.

In the platform you use

Connect Docs to your platform with dozens of ready connectors: Moodle, Nextcloud, Odoo, Wordpress, and others and edit docs directly from the app.

In the platform you build

Integrate Docs into your service to provide powerful document-editing and building capabilities to your customers under your brand.

From your PC

Edit docs offline with free office apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS

From your mobile devices

Work on documents on the go with free apps for iOS and Android devices

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Frequently Asked Questions
  • What format does ONLYOFFICE use for the forms ?

    All forms are stored in .OFORM format. Read the format specification.

  • Can I export the filled forms into other formats?

    Yes, you can export the filled documents in DOCX and PDF.

  • Does ONLYOFFICE offer any form templates ?

    Yes, you can download ready-to-use templates from the OFORM library.

  • Is it possible to embed a form in my website?

    Yes, you can easily add an online form to your website, making it available for filling in and downloading as PDF. Read this post and learn how to do it.

  • Is it possible to use ONLYOFFICE form creator within my app under my brand ?

    Yes, you can integrate the form creator into your app. Please use ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer.