NetExplorer integrates ONLYOFFICE Docs to provide medical institutions with a secure cloud solution for storing and processing health data

3 November 2020By Mary

ONLYOFFICE Docs has recently been integrated into NetExplorer, a professional French file sharing, online collaboration, and secure storage platform. This comprehensive solution allows the NetExplorer users to store and process their sensitive docs, such as personal health data, in a single, secure workspace. For more details, read this article.

NetExplorer intègre ONLYOFFICE Docs : la solution souveraine et sécurisée pour traiter les données de santé sensibles

About NetExplorer

Since 2007, NetExplorer has been participating in the improvement of the file management through an intuitive collaborative platform. This simple and efficient solution allows companies to gain mobility while facilitating data exchange. NetExplorer offers a complete range of applications developed by its engineers and hosted internally: web interface, synchronization software, mobile applications, network drive (via WebDav connection), an Outlook plugin, and API.

NetExplorer has made every effort to guarantee a high level of security: GDPR-compliance, dedicated cloud infrastructure, data centers in France, Luxembourg, and Switzerland. NetExplorer is certified ISO 27001 for information security, ISO 9001 for quality, and ISO 14001 for the environment. Through its HDS certification, NetExplorer is authorized to store and process personal health data.

NetExplorer is trusted by over 1 500 companies in multiple sectors and has 200 000 daily users.

Why integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs

Editing text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online is an integral part of business document management. To respond to its users’ needs, NetExplorer offers two scenarios: editing docs via a desktop client installed on the user’s machine or editing and co-editing docs online in the web browser.

Previously, this second scenario was ensured by MS Office suite. NetExplorer put this solution aside because of the high licensing fee, and data sovereignty and privacy concerns.

With the goal to provide its users with a powerful online collaboration solution and ensure a high level of data security, the NetExplorer developers have decided to integrate ONLYOFFICE Docs into their cloud platform. This 100% European suite offers a transparent pricing model without any additional costs for NetExplorer’s clients and meets the following criteria:

  • high compatibility with MS Office formats;
  • professional editing and co-editing tools;
  • deployment on the NetExplorer’s own servers.

ONLYOFFICE Docs within NetExplorer: deployment and use

From a technical point of view, ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition and the NetExplorer platform are connected via the APIs.

As for users, they can easily access and edit documents in ONLYOFFICE Docs with just a few clicks. A new page with the editor will be loaded in a new tab of the user’s web browser:

NetExplorer intègre ONLYOFFICE Docs : la solution souveraine et sécurisée pour traiter les données de santé sensibles

All changes that users make while editing and co-authoring are saved back to NetExplorer. It allows tracking users’ inputs and creating a document’s version history.

Bertrand Servary, General Manager at NetExplorer, explains:

This integration of ONLYOFFICE Docs into the NetExplorer platform makes collaboration safer and easier: we enable our users to co-edit documents online while ensuring ultimate security and data sovereignty.

Their users highly appreciate the ability to see each other’s changes appear in real time and work on office documents in an easy-to-use interface without having to install software on their computers.

NetExplorer intègre ONLYOFFICE Docs : la solution souveraine et sécurisée pour traiter les données de santé sensibles

The Review option with intelligent Track Сhanges is the most useful feature for lawyers and law firms: they can suggest edits, accept and reject changes or discuss specific segments of a file when reviewing a contract.

High level of security for health data hosting and processing

Along with GDPR-compliant services, NetExplorer has implemented a range of measures to comply with international security standards:

  • ISO 27001 certification for information security proves that NetExplorer is able to protect both its own data and that of its customers. NetExplorer helps companies avoid document management security issues by setting up an effective Information Security Management System (ISMS) and providing the necessary measures such as encryption, two-factor authentication, etc.
  • HDS certification (Health Data Hosting) authorizes NetExplorer to store and process personal health data. Learn more

As a part of the NetExplorer solution, ONLYOFFICE Docs has also been certified. Thus, healthcare professionals are now able to edit online and collaborate in real time on sensitive documents like orders, medical reports, examination results, etc. in complete security.