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DocSpace provides flexible access permissions. Create rooms, invite people, collaborate and communicate to get work done.

Collaboration rooms

Co-author documents with one of two co-editing modes: real-time or paragraph-locking. Track changes, communicate in real-time using the built-in chat or making audio and video calls.

Custom rooms

Apply your own settings to use rooms for any custom purpose: share a content for viewing only, request a review or comments on documents, etc.

Private rooms coming soon

For sensitive or confidential documents, you can use private rooms where every symbol you type is encrypted end-to-end.

Work with any content you have

Store files of different formats within your rooms. View, edit and collaborate.
Highest MS Office compatibility

Work together within any cloud you are used to

Choose where to store your rooms. Connect any cloud storage and work without switching between apps.

Collaborate securely

Compliance with standards

In ONLYOFFICE, all personal information is treated carefully. Our data security policy is fully compliant with the GDPR standards.

Open source

ONLYOFFICE affirms its transparency and reliability by opening the source code of all functional modules and tools.


ONLYOFFICE uses the industry-leading AES-256 encryption standard to protect your sensitive data at rest. Data is protected in transit by use of HTTPS protocols with up-to-date TLS encryption algorithm.

Secure access & monitoring

Flexible access rights and JWT let you entirely control document access. Activity tracking and audit reporting provide traceability.
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Frequently Asked Questions
  • How much is DocSpace per month?

    ONLYOFFICE DocSpace starts at $15 per admin/power user per month. Learn more about DocSpace pricing and plans.

  • Is there a self-hosted version of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace?

    Yes, you can download it here.

  • What is the technology stack of ONLYOFFICE DocSpace?

    Back-end: ะก# 9.0, .NET 5.0/.NET Core/ASP.NET Core/MySQL 8.0/Kafka/ElasticSearch
    Front-end: ES6, CSS/SASS, React, Mobx, Styled-Components, i18next, Webpack 4/5