The ONLYOFFICE for developers

Quality document processing for web apps

Provide your users the best online office experience: within your app, on your servers, under your brand.

Document storing and collaboration

Need to extend your web app with an easily accessible online space for document storing and online collaboration? Integrate the whole ONLYOFFICE DocSpace or just a single room.
Customizable collaboration rooms for real-time co-authoring
Public rooms for working with external users
Custom rooms with flexible permissions for any purpose
Working with any content: docs, sheets, slides, digital forms, e-books, PDFs
Protected document access and multiple security settings
White label and different customization options
API, JavaScript SDK, webhooks.
Detailed documentation and professional technical support

Online document editors

Do you want to offer collaborative editing of documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and fillable forms to your web service users? Consider ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer.
Maximum compatibility with docx, xlsx, pptx + other formats support.
True WYSIWYG + hundreds of formatting features.
Real-time co-editing + comments, reviewing, filling forms.
Data security: JWT, configurable cache lifetime.
All programming languages supported. See integration examples
Self-hosted solution. Host online office on your machines and deliver it as SaaS or provide it on-premises.
Installations for Linux/Windows and Docker image.
White label to deliver the editors under your brand.
JavaScript plugins to easily add missing functionality.
Detailed documentation. See now
Integration via API or WOPI. Compare

Generate documents from code

Need to generate docs based on user data within your web service? Easy! Try ONLYOFFICE Document Builder to generate docs from JavaScript.
Complex docx, xlsx, pptx, and pdf file generation.
Lightweight tool and easy integration using JavaScript API.
All programming languages supported. Ready examples for .NET, PHP, Node.js, Ruby. Check examples
Dual licensing. Use the free version on AGPLv3 terms or buy a commercial one.
Detailed documentation. See now

Add your service as a plugin to ONLYOFFICE

Think your web-service can be useful to ONLYOFFICE users? Create a plugin for ONLYOFFICE DocSpace or Docs and make the integration real!
Want to discuss or submit a plugin? Contact us at
"We’re excited to team up with ONLYOFFICE to provide richer document collaboration ability to our customers. Combining the performant file-syncing capability of Seafile and the intuitive online editing experience of ONLYOFFICE gives our users a complete alternative to Office 365 and Google Docs.”
Jonathan Xu, Co-founder & CTO at Seafile
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“Integrating Pydio Cells Enterprise allows us to provide a full-fledged on-premise collaboration platform to our customer. The mix of our file-sharing software and ONLYOFFICE online editor creates a drop-in replacement to SaaS-based solutions allowing enterprises to keep control of their data, in terms of storage, access controls and audits. This is essential for compliance and information governance.”
Charles du Jeu, CEO/CTO at Pydio
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Build your own collaboration platform

Create your own productivity platform based on the ONLYOFFICE Workspace. Make it fit a specific industry and distribute under your brand.


for managing and sharing documents*.


to organize your team’s tasks and track progress.


for sales management and productivity optimization.


to instant message with your team.


to create team member profiles and set their roles (user, guest, admin).


to manage correspondence sufficiently.


for creating timetables and shared calendars.

Custom modules

to add new modules for your team/your industry needs.
*ONLYOFFICE online editors are provided separately as a ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer.