ONLYOFFICE keeps on reaching out to companies and individuals worldwide to bring the most innovative office apps adapted to any working needs and business environment.
Siedl Networks GmbH
Siedl Networks is a technology company based in Krems an der Donau (Austria) that provides IT services for companies, schools and non-profit organizations. Siedl Networks helps customers implement open source enterprise solutions in their IT infrastructure, provides professional support, as well as works in partnership with the customers to ensure further development and innovation.
PowerFolder is a leading provider in cloud and on-premise sync, share, access and backup solutions that scales from SME up to global enterprise deployments. Founded in 2007 PowerFolder has seen a rapid growth and is currently deployed in dozens of large enterprise installations. A further key area of PowerFolder is the educational market with dozens of deployments on universities across the globe, including one EU-Country that has switched its entire educational system over to a PowerFolder powered collaboration solution.
Artwhere s.a.
Artwhere s.a. offers a full range of services: website creation, CMS, SEO, custom developments, Facebook applications, mobile applications, etc.All the projects they do are original and communicate to the specific requirements and needs of their customers. Like the customers, each project is unique.
Czech Republic
Denevy is a young and dynamic tech company from Prague, Czech Republic. Denevy focuses strongly on information technologies in banking, telecommunications and public administration sectors, serving mainly small and medium-sized businesses. Company’s primary philosophy is to spread smart solutions to surrounding business environment, simplify work and lives of many.
Nextcloud offers the industry-leading on-premises file exchange and content collaboration platform, combining the convenience and ease of use of consumer-grade solution with the security, privacy and control business needs. Users gain access to their documents on the go and can collaborate and communicate with colleagues, partners and customers across organizational boundaries and platforms.
ownCloud is the largest Open Source File sharing solution in the world with 200.000 installations and more than 25 million users. ownCloud combines consumer-grade usability with enterprise-grade security (GDPR compliant). It enables users to access data no matter where it is stored or which device is used.
Univention is a leading supplier of Open Source products for the operation and management of IT infrastructures. The core product is Univention Corporate Server (UCS), a flexible, cost-efficient and successful alternative to server solutions from Microsoft. UCS includes comprehensive Active Directory functions and an App Center to integrate and operate enterprise applications. UCS allows web-based IT management and is well suited for organizations of any size, either as a classic server solution, in the cloud or in hybrid IT environments. UCS is designed to operate as part of existing Microsoft infrastructures and supports the easy replacement of Microsoft Windows domains.
Bybit Tecnologia LTDA
ByBit is a software development company with a focus on cloud services for the legal sector, based in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The main product of ByBit is Libra, the electronic document management platform for public agencies of justice.
XWiki SAS is the company that provides solutions and services on top of the 100% Open Source XWiki project. With 15 years of experience on the professional collaborative solutions market and more than 30 000 downloads per month, XWiki SAS has developed over 500 projects all over the world.
Open-DSI is a French company which supports organizations and companies with their computing projects. Their specialty is the implementation of open source cloud computing solutions and outsourcing. Our solutions are based on three main building blocks: Nextcloud, ERP+CRM Dolibarr and WooCommerce.
Full IP Solutions
Full IP Solutions is a competitive & innovative IT solutions distributor since more than 20 years, based in Paris region, France. The company started by distributing security solutions in France, Europe and North Africa, representing exclusively vendors like TenFour, GFI Fax & Voice, Clavister and continued including other editors to provide complementary solutions to its channels and hosting providers. During all these years, Full IP Solutions has provided solutions to companies from small enterprises to large businesses and have now more than 450 partners and 2,500 customers that can count on comprehensive expertise for their business.
Founded in 1993, CINESE is a firm specialized in survey, integration and service delivery for information systems and technical infrastructures. Settteld in Avignon, in south of France, we increase our business in all the country mostly with mid market customers. For several years, we have built partnership with the principal leaders of information technologies like, HP, Microsoft, NetApp, Veeam Software, VMware, Only Office, Citrix, … Our mission consist both in architect and ingeneering tasks to défine, implement and maintain taylor made infrastructures. Our customers are our partners.
Pydio Cells (formerly AjaXplorer) is a mature and future proof open source software solution for file sharing and synchronization. With intuitive user interfaces (web / mobile / desktop), Pydio provides enterprise-grade features to gain back control and privacy of your data all while hosted on your own server or cloud. In addition to being a major open-source project (1M+ downloads), Pydio is commercially supported through yearly subscriptions. With clients in more than 45 countries in both the private and public sectors, Pydio is becoming the go-to file-sharing platform for organizations looking for a secure, stable, and user-friendly tool across all platforms at a great price per user.
The Netherlands
vBoxx is a Dutch hosting company that offers servers, cloud services and hosting capacity for companies all around the world. They prize the personal care vBoxx offers its customers and proudly use its problem solving capabilities to help customers achieve their goals. These characteristics perfectly match the quality hosting vBoxx aims for.
AB Systems
AB Systems is an information technology provider of infrastructure.They both optimize existing IT systems and design, build and run brand new ones impacting our clients businesses. AB Systems works on a leading IT infrastructure bringing as well innovation and expertise from working across industries. They have the knowledge, experience and ability to find solutions that work for you. They are fluent in variety of technologies including virtualization, backup, storage & networking solutions.
Grupa Impel
Impel is a company operating as the front line support of businesses for 25 years.They are a leading provider of services for institutions and companies, and the only such provider listed at the Warsaw Stock Exchange. Their strategy is based on providing Clients with the biggest possible package of benefits. They implement dedicated solutions that consider specific requirements and individual needs. In the outsourcing process, they take over areas which support the core business - regardless of the industry.
Tegara Corporation
Tegara Corporation is a sales agency of computer and industrial products. They are also committed to providing the best tailor made computer manufacturing service for their customers, mainly, universities, research institutes and large companies in Japan. Their mission is to support activities for promotion of Research and Development. Tegara Corporation stocks a wide variety of computer components for all computing needs.
WorldSoft is an e-commerce website which introduces and sells software in Japan. They are the most well-known software reseller/distributor, begun its operations in 2004. It lists over 4,000 software and has become the No.1 destination for purchasing imported software.
IESoft LLC is the Russian Value Added Reseller of the various software vendors.
The company was established in 2008. Since the starting company was growing up year by year and now they have lots of Licence Agreements with Russian and foreign vendors.
IESoft has had the VAR status of the ONLYOFFICE since the 2018.

Also they have second brand on the Russian market.
InfoSAPR LLC develops intelligent software for equipment promotion which is divided into the following three branches:
  • - Plugins for CAD Systems
  • - Databases for CAD Systems
  • - Software for Marketing Promotion.
Eurescom GmbH
Eurescom is a leading European provider of project management services in the high-tech area. The company's focus is on research and development in the information and communications technologies sector. Eurescom's mission is to enable innovation through collaboration.
datamate GmbH & Co. KG
datamate is a software integrator specializing in self-hosted cloud solutions. The Mainz (Germany)-based company offers the full range of advisory and support services to its clients in all lines of business. It is also known for its packaged on-premise cloud solutions designed with the needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises in mind. datamate has also been primary distribution partner of Seafile in Europe since 2017.
Pietra Danzare Technologies
Czech Republic
Pietra Danzare Technologies provides European customers with access to cutting edge knowledge and instruments for working with data in business. The selection of secure data processing solutions includes CEO and personnel consultancy, optimization of regular management processes, implementation of the new corporate data processing and storage technologies.

The company offers tailored services for SME clients. The main value of Pietra Danzare is to make client’s business management easier, more secure and more effective.
Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Qualsoft Systems Pvt. Ltd. is a software distribution company from India with more than a decade of experience in delivering quality software projects. Serving both local and overseas markets, it covers diverse range of corporate IT components: ERP systems, Accounting, HR & Payroll systems, Inventory Management, Hotel Management, Facilities Management and more.
FUX IT GmbH is a full-service IT provider comprised of experts with many years of experience in the IT service sector. The company offers IT infrastructure solutions, as well as comprehensive services for implementation and integration of software solutions. FUX IT GmbH acts as a contact point for web design, graphics, online marketing and search engine optimization. From developing a concept for company founders to design and content management system for small and medium-sized enterprises, FUX IT GmbH provides customers with a comprehensive set of services.
In Vienna (InterXion), the company offers ‘Data Center Services’ such as cloud, hosting, backup, or mail services for a seamless business process, as well as customized solutions tailored to users’ specific needs.
Seafile Ltd.
Seafile Ltd. is the main developer of Seafile project. Seafile is an open source Enterprise File Sync and Share solution with high reliability and performance. Seafile provides similar feature set to well-known cloud storage providers, while it allows users to host the server on their own hardware.
House of Tools GmbH
House of Tools GmbH is a dealer specialized on software tools for administrators and developers. Here you will find a selected range of tools for administration, programming and documentation. House of Tools offers a dedicated area on its website especially for Open Source solutions, in which you are supported competently with the licensing and the completion of appropriate projects. Regarding office solutions hosted on private or foreign server, House of Tools relies on Open Office.
DEXIK, Inc. is a leading business process automation software and solution provider for the private and public sector.

DEXIK flagship platform, DEXFLOW combines Enterprise Intelligent Content Management with Intelligent Process Automation, delivering exceptional value to customers.

Integrating ONLYOFFICE with DEXFLOW solutions adds exceptional value of collaborative document editing to DEXFLOW customers.
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