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ONLYOFFICE for Education

Empowering students and educators to create, share, and collaborate in pursuit of knowledge

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Get your classroom organized in your classroom with a full-stack cloud office

Make teaching and learning more productive with the the most complete online office suite
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Improve your class workflow

Plan and monitor your in-class and out-of-class activities. Enter details about your schedule and deadlines. Set up event reminders, so you never miss a thing.

Gather all your documents in one place

Store and organize lectures, hand-outs, etc., and give students access to the info. Create, share, submit, and assess student work.

Easily communicate with your class

Create your own social network with blogs, forums, news, bookmarks, etc. Poll and quiz students. Use chat and mail options to interact more effectively.

Find new methods for effective teaching

Collaborate on documents. Provide students with new information in an easily accessible presentation form. Create your own knowledge base using wiki.

Keep everything in one place

Access your lectures, hand-outs, assignments, and more from anywhere at any time. Store documents and web links, so you have all the necessary materials right at your fingertips. Keep track of all the important dates.

Participate in class activities

Collaborate on documents and presentations. Expand your knowledge base using wiki pages. Create a class blog where everyone can share their thoughts, ideas, news, etc.

Easily communicate with teachers and peers

Discuss issues and share your opinions by leading forum discussions. Use chat options to ask your teacher for help or organize a discussion with classmates. Send emails with documents or links attached.

Ready to try? Choose the deployment model that fits your needs

ONLYOFFICE cloud service

  • Reliable hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS)
  • Compliance with GDPR and other security standards
  • FREE for schools, 50% OFF for higher education

ONLYOFFICE on-premises

  • Full set of data protection, monitoring, and backup tools
  • Easy installation and configuration
  • Free trial, lifetime license, and discounts for educational institutions
“ONLYOFFICE is by far one of the best on-line cloud collaborative platforms in both mobile and computer platforms and comes highly recommended by the

Free desktop and mobile access

Edit and collaborate on docs seamlessly within your Sync&Share platform

Complete document editor
Powerful spreadsheet editor
Great presentation editor
Various collaboration tools

Ready-to-use connectors

How ONLYOFFICE and ownCloud integration in sciebo helps facilitate research workflow at Münster University
“...ONLYOFFICE seemed to be best suited for our needs, especially when it comes to the use together with Microsoft Office, since compatibility with MS formats is crucial for many of our users...”
Holger Angenent,
project leader from Münster University’s IT center

4 reasons to integrate ONLYOFFICE online editors with your e-learning platform

Ease of use

  • Familiar tabbed interface that everyone will feel comfortable with
  • Multiple installation options from simple .deb, .rpm, and .exe packages to virtual machines with the whole combination pre-configured for you
  • Ready-to-use connectors, created in collaboration with the platform developers


  • Highly scalable to the needs of large enterprises
  • One dual-core server to accommodate up to 150 users


  • Open source code available on GitHub
  • JWT and HTTPS for data protection
  • End-to-end encryption

Cost efficiency

  • Lifetime license + 1 year of updates and support
  • Price based on the number of simultaneous connections, not users
  • 30-day free trial and discounts for educational institutions
The Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) has integrated ONLYOFFICE,
the full-featured online office suite, into the German nationwide online storage service bwSync&Share based on the PowerFolder Sync&Share solution

Want to integrate ONLYOFFICE online editors into your e-learning platform?
Make use of ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition

White label
Highly scalable
Professional support
Education discounts

Work on your local documents with ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors

One interface for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
Connection to ONLYOFFICE cloud, Nextcloud, and own Cloud for online collaboration
Absolutely FREE and open-source
Highly customizable to student and teacher needs
Available on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS
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