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The perfect ecosystem for a non-profit

Powerful online office apps

Edit docs, sheets, slides, and forms in-browser
Create thought-provoking documents and presentations to grow your project’s impact. Compose ready-to-fill-out forms, analyze data in spreadsheets. 100% compatibility with MS Office.
Enjoy familiar tabbed interface
If you ever worked with MS Office, you will find it easy to edit documents in ONLYOFFICE.
Co-author office docs in real time
Share files and work on documents together — use real-time co-editing, reviewing, commenting, and chat built-in the document.

Full-featured collaboration platform

Manage tasks and member database
Use ONLYOFFICE Projects to plan activities, set tasks and deadlines for volunteers, and track progress. Manage your relationships with donors and sponsors using ONLYOFFICE CRM.
Create an internal wiki and social network
Maintain an internal knowledge base to help new members get involved quickly. Let your team and volunteers share their thoughts with blogs, forums, and polls.
Handle all email and create project mailboxes
Compile correspondence from different accounts in one workspace. Add your own domain to create project mailboxes.

Reliable cloud infrastructure

Easily manage a distributed team and volunteers
Centralize communication with volunteers, donors, and members across the globe. Provide them instant access to project documentation anywhere, anytime.
Don’t worry about servers
Throw your old servers away! You do good for society, and we will take care of your online office hosting, administration, and updates.
Keep your data safe
If your organization deals with sensitive information, be assured that ONLYOFFICE complies with GDPR and HIPAA while providing the highest security level.

Access from any device

Edit docs on Windows/Linux/macOS
Your team and volunteers can use our desktop editors to work on docs offline on Windows, Linux, and macOS. Download
Work on docs on iOS/Android
Get one app to edit your project’s documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on the go. Download for iOS/Android.
Connect to the cloud
You can connect desktop and mobile apps to the cloud to collaborate or work locally if you don’t have Internet connection.

ONLYOFFICE brings it all for free

Create a free cloud office and request non-profit status.
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Connect ONLYOFFICE Docs to collaborate on docs with your distributed team/volunteers within your existing infrastructure.
ONLYOFFICE helps coordinate the distributed volunteer management team of a youth football club in the UK
Twickenham Tigers have no clubhouse and no own IT infrastructure but still have to meet GDPR and Child Safeguarding legislation requirements. To stop the flurry of emails and keep personal data safe, the club managers decided to implement ONLYOFFICE.
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ONLYOFFICE helps the Sea-Watch organization carry out an important mission
Sea-Watch is a humanitarian initiative dedicated to civilian sea rescue in the Mediterranean. For them, ONLYOFFICE was the only alternative that allowed creating a familiar environment for their users in the browser.
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