Keep your documents always-encrypted and completely private in the cloud

Store, edit and collaborate on end-to-end encrypted documents in your browser. Safer, stronger and securer. Based on Blockchain technology.
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Why ONLYOFFICE Blockchain Edition

It's all about data security

Data is becoming the world’s most valuable resource. At ONLYOFFICE, we realize that data security is a burning issue for most companies, especially when it comes to documents. To affirm ONLYOFFICE transparency and reliability, we opened its source code. Now we decide to move forward and provide users with stronger and securer way to work with documents online based on the new Blockchain technology.

Issues faced with currently available solutions

Centralized data centers

Document data stored in cloud storage services can be accessed or monitored by staff of service providers. Besides, restricted or classified information is frequently accessed or stolen by 3rd party.

Weak passwords

People often use simple passwords in order not to forget them, but the simpler the password is, the faster it will take to crack it in a brute-force.

Limited protection

Most security measures provided by leading cloud offices focus on storage protection only, which is often subjective and insufficient.

Weak encryption

Most services/sites store user passwords in plain text or using a very basic encryption, so if this site gets hacked, the passwords are easily accessible to anyone, no matter how complex the password is.


ONLYOFFICE Blockchain Edition combines end-to-end encryption with the advantages of the decentralized architecture of Blockchain.

Flexible access right management

ONLYOFFICE offers different levels of access rights. You can grant access to review documents, or leave comments only, or view document without possibility to copy or download it, etc.

Reliable document encryption

ONLYOFFICE uses DOCX as a core format that is very strong against brute-force attacks and the AES-256 encryption algorithm to provide stronger security for working with documents online.

Decentralized network

ONLYOFFICE stores document data, including passwords and access rights in the decentralized network that guarantees data integrity and legitimacy.

How it works

Watch our presentation to see how it works
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