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Create, edit and collaborate on your office documents of different formats from anywhere at any time

100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats

Create complex documents

Create professional spreadsheets

Create stunning presentations


Use various styling
and formatting
Insert different objects
and manipulate
Do even more with
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Individual and group rights

Share your documents with an individual or a whole team providing them with different permission levels. Public sharing is also available.

Different co-editing modes

Co-author documents choosing one of the co-editing modes: Fast to display all the changes right after input, or Strict to see co-authors' changes only when they save them.

Tracking changes

Get more control over your documents with the review mode. Track your collaborators' changes and reject or accept them when needed.

Version History

Keep track of all the changes to your document, check who made these changes and when. Recover a previous version if necessary.

Document comparison

Easily compare two documents to see the differences with revision marks. Accept or reject changes one by one or all at once. Merge the changes and save them as a new version of the compared document.

Efficient communication

Leave comments for co-authors and tag them. Communicate in real time using the built-in chat.

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Save your document as a PDF to print it later.


Insert a document into your website or blog.


Sign documents digitally with DocuSign.


Add your text to the WordPress blog from the app.

Take control

Deploy ONLYOFFICE on your own server and get a full control over your documents. Read more about ONLYOFFICE security measures.

Work with your documents offline or manage them on the go

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