ONLYOFFICE Docs, the best Zoho Docs alternative

100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats

3 reasons why ONLYOFFICE Docs is the best Zoho Docs alternative

More features
ONLYOFFICE Docs empowers you with a complete set of formatting and style tools to work on complex text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations online.
More collaborative
ONLYOFFICE Docs provides users with two co-editing modes, review and tracking changes, version history, commenting, and an built-in chat for real-time communication.
With the source code listed on GitHub, ONLYOFFICE can be deployed on your own server providing you with full control of your data.

Watch this presentation to see the difference between office suites:

Read this article for an in-depth comparison of features available in Zoho Docs and ONLYOFFICE Docs

ONLYOFFICE Docs vs Zoho Docs
One user on Twitter once suggested ONLYOFFICE and Zoho should get married, since Zoho had astonishing online office apps, and ONLYOFFICE had amazing document editors. And that’s true, we’re really proud of our editors. Would like to know what that user meant with his tweet? Read the article...

Check out the compatibility with MS Office formats

We have saved the docx file created by Microsoft in PDF with different other suites. Here's the result.
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Still not convinced? Compare the editors yourself!

Download the docx filedocx and xlsx files and try editing them using MS Word Online, Google Docs, Zoho Docs, Collabora Online, LibreOffice/OpenOfficeWPS Office, and ONLYOFFICE Docs.
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