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We host ONLYOFFICE™ for you, so you don't need to rent corporate servers and hire a system administrator.
To be honest, you don't really need any office space as you can reach ONLYOFFICE™ from any part of the world.
You pay only once to get all productivity tools in one solution instead of buying apps separately.
Moreover, it's FREE for non-profit organizations and educational institutions. Find out more
Compare ONLYOFFICE™ to Microsoft Office 365™ and Google Apps

Secure and reliable hosting service

Encryption as hacker attacks prevention

To make it impossible for any third party to interfere into the session and get private information, the files are stored using 256-bit AES encryption and the portal access is allowed through the HTTP with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer).

Reliability and security standards compliance

ONLYOFFICE™ portals are hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), which is one of the most well-established cloud computing platform today, providing 99,99999% stability guarantee and operating in compliance with highest industry standards for security.

Two-step verification

Users can make use of an extra security level for protecting their portals. By enabling the confirmation sms code option, in addition to a standard sign-in procedure an ONLYOFFICE™ user will be requested to enter a special code sent to the telephone indicated.

Data backup

ONLYOFFICE™ guarantees the automatic data backup of 10 days. At the same time portal owners are free to make offline archiving and back up their data manually at any time.

Protection from unauthorized access

Assigning authentication cookies with HttpOnly attributes and binding them to the portal user's IP address allows for preventing any unauthorized access.

Access rights restriction

To prevent possible data leaks only a user can change his/her password and only a portal owner has rights to back up the data as well as to set permissions to users for certain modules and operations they can perform.


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"One of the best document management systems" by PCMag.