Present with comfort

Public speaking is made easy with Presenter Mode features

Add helpful notes

Add speaker notes to your PowerPoint presentations, so you have help hints or the whole script in your hand. Browse your notes when presenting with two monitors, so only you can see your notes.

Run seamless slide shows

Navigate between slides easily with compact slide show controls when you are presenting. Preview your slides at any point to estimate the overall look of your presentation.

Track your time

The timer will help you estimate your presentation length in hours, minutes, and seconds, so you can rehearse your speech and time it exactly how long you need. Start, pause, resume, and reset the timer to get an accurate idea of how long your presentation is.

Interact with your presentation

Use the pointer feature to guide the audience through your slides and highlight important text and figures.

Get started and choose where to work


Create rooms within your secure DocSpace, invite people, view, edit, and collaborate on all kinds of documents from any desktop or mobile device.

In the platform you use

Connect Docs to edit documents directly from your app. {0}40+ ready integrations{1}: Box, Moodle, Nextcloud, Odoo, Wordpress, etc.

In the platform you build

Integrate Docs into your service to provide powerful document-editing and building capabilities to your customers under your brand.

From your PC

Edit docs offline with free office apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS

From your mobile devices

Work on documents on the go with free apps for iOS and Android devices