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ONLYOFFICE Docs, a powerful online editor for text documents, spreadsheets, and presentations for the platform you use
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Create complex documents, professional spreadsheets, stunning presentations, and ready-to-fill-out forms. Popular formats supported: docx, xlsx, pptx, odt, ods, odp, doc, xls, ppt, pdf, txt, rtf, html, epub, csv.
Fully compatible with OOXML formats.
Choose from multiple formatting tools, insert and edit complex objects, enhance user experience with plugins.
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Scale the editors to 100%, 125%, 150%, or 200% to work comfortably on any monitor.
Switch to Dark theme if you are working in a low-light environment.
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Save your document as a PDF to print later.
Embed a document into your website or blog.
Sign documents digitally with DocuSign.
Automatically publish your text on a WordPress blog.

Use it within ONLYOFFICE Workspace

  • Create, edit, and co-author text documents, spreadsheets and presentations stored in Documents module
  • Work on project documentation
  • Make attachments to mail messages
  • Organize mass mailing, and even more

Use ONLYOFFICE Docs with other popular cloud services

Use ONLYOFFICE official connectors or choose between various third-party integration apps to easily connect online editors to your platform.

Easily install and customize

Easy start
Use ONLYOFFICE Docs in the cloud, host it yourself, or launch a pre-configured installation.
Data security and control
Deploy ONLYOFFICE Docs locally or run it on the private AWS cloud: no hand-off to other public clouds. JSON Web Token protects documents from unauthorized access.
Professional support
Fast and professional assistance for all technical and functional issues via the Community forum or Contact form.
ONLYOFFICE Docs can be scaled for teams of any size. Even if you have thousands of users!
Personalize your online editors, replace logos and links. Create plugins and easily connect them to the editors. Visit API docs

Choose the edition that suits your needs

Community Edition

If you are a tech enthusiast seeking powerful document-editing capabilities for non-critical business processes, consider ONLYOFFICE Docs Community Edition. Free to download, this version is available under the AGPL v.3 license with the source code listed on GitHub.

Enterprise Edition

If you need enterprise-ready editing and security features, priority access to security and stability fixes, or technical support from the ONLYOFFICE team, opt for ONLYOFFICE Docs Enterprise Edition. Easily scalable, it can be used by thousands of users.
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Developer Edition

If you are a software developer seeking powerful document-editing capabilities to extend your service functionality and provide it to customers under your brand, ONLYOFFICE Docs Developer Edition is a perfect solution for you.
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Need professional editing features at home?

Choose our special tariff plan for non-commercial use.
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