The ONLYOFFICE for Healthcare offices

Secure document editing and collaboration for healthcare professionals

Flexible choice of software tools to fit your organization’s needs

Effectively collaborate on medical records

ONLYOFFICE DocSpace allows connecting doctors and documentation in customizable rooms with flexible settings.
Create collaboration rooms to work on patient records together such as for multi-disciplinary discussions, or custom rooms for any other purpose.
Share access with doctors responsible for treatment, including cross-hospital cases. For quick access, use Public rooms where it's possible to view documents without registration.
Protect rooms and sensitive files they might contain using multiple security settings.

Organize a secure digital workplace

ONLYOFFICE offers a full-stack collaboration platform with enhanced security features.
Securely store, share, and edit documents within ONLYOFFICE Documents. Create ready-to-fill-out forms. Open video and audio files and view images of different formats.
Improve contact management with ONLYOFFICE CRM. Manage office tasks with ONLYOFFICE Projects
Create an internal communication hub for employees within ONLYOFFICE Community. Organize a timetable with ONLYOFFICE Calendar

Already use a popular DMS? Enable secure document editing and collaboration with ONLYOFFICE Docs

ONLYOFFICE offers a collection of ready-to-use connectors for deep integration into your infrastructure.
Keep patient information in text documents, spreadsheets, or presentations encrypted end-to-end. Securely edit and collaborate on them in real-time. Highly compatible with MS Office formats.
Set granular document permissions. Use a variety of collaboration features, including version history, track changes, comments, and built-in chat.
Protect patient information from being copied, downloaded, or printed.

Ultimate protection of healthcare data against modern-day threats

ONLYOFFICE comes with built-in features to help your IT department stay compliant with HIPAA privacy and security rules

Encrypt data at rest and in transit

Encrypting data at rest and in transit makes it impossible for attackers to decipher patients’ data even if they gain access to them.
ONLYOFFICE uses the industry-leading AES-256 encryption standard to protect sensitive data at rest. Data is protected in transit by use of HTTPS protocols with up-to-date TLS encryption algorithm.
ONLYOFFICE Enterprise comes with private rooms that ensure ultimate data security. Every symbol you type is encrypted end-to-end.

Restrict access to data

Give access to patients’ data only to those who require it to perform their jobs.
ONLYOFFICE offers granular document permissions to control access including full access, view-only, comments, review or fillable form modes.
To validate that users are authorized to access patients’ data, ONLYOFFICE Workspace comes with a set of authentication features:
two-factor authentication;
Single Sign-On (SSO);
trusted mail domains;
password creation criteria;
cookie lifetime;
IP restriction;
It also allows IT departments to restrict access to ONLYOFFICE Workspace modules and tools.

Protect data usage

Protect patient information from being copied, downloaded, or printed.
ONLYOFFICE API allows IT departments to implement additional controls to block risky activities with sensitive data.

Log and monitor data usage

Monitor who, when, and what devices and locations access the information.
ONLYOFFICE Workspace comes with built-in audit logs and monitoring tools that allow you to quickly identify and fix problems if an incident occurs.

Backup and restore your data

Protect your sensitive data integrity and availability with regular backups.
ONLYOFFICE Workspace offers tools for automatic backup and data restoration allowing IT departments within healthcare organizations to choose a location for their backups: local disk or any third-party private cloud storage.

Enterprise-ready solution

ONLYOFFICE provides a pre-configured and optimized enterprise version:
advanced set of editing tools
enhanced security options
priority access to security and stability fixes
easily scalable
free trial, lifetime license + yearly updates and support