Let's imagine your perfect day with ONLYOFFICE™ CRM

Toolkit for a sales manager

Basis to manage customer relations

Build your customer database, manage business processes, analyze potential deals success and track sales with all the essential features of CRM software: Contacts, Deal Opportunities, Tasks, Web-to-Lead Form and Communication history.


Adjust ONLYOFFICE™ CRM software to your specific needs: add new contacts types, tasks categories and special user fields. Describe your own business process using customizable opportunity stages.

Rapid entry of potential customers

Embed ONLYOFFICE™ web-to-lead form to your website and get the information on new leads automatically transferred to your CRM software database.

Invoicing system

Create an invoice right in your ONLYOFFICE™ selecting required consignees from your CRM database and linking it with a required deal opportunity.

Close integration with Mail

Add contacts from email to your database, send messages, invoices and view all the correspondence with clients right in CRM. Organize mass mailing right from ONLYOFFICE™ CRM.