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If you're a teacher...

Improve your class workflow

Plan and monitor your in-class and out-of-class activities. Enter details about your schedules and deadlines. Set up event reminders to never miss a thing.

Gather all your documents in one place

Store and organize lectures, hand-outs, etc. and give students access to the info. Create, share, submit and assess student work.

Easily communicate with your class

Create your own social network with blogs, forums, news, bookmarks etc. Poll and quiz students. Use chat and mail options to interact more effectively.

Store student personal information

Store, organize and manage your student personal data in one place. Access this information from anywhere at any moment.

Find new ways of effective teaching

Collaborate on documents. Provide students with new information in an easily accessible presentation form. Create your own knowledge base using wiki.

If you're a student...

Keep everything in one place

Access your lectures, hand-outs, assignments etc. from anywhere at any time. Store documents, web links to have all the necessary materials at your fingertips. Keep track of all the important dates.

Get involved in your class activities

Collaborate on documents and presentations. Maintain your class knowledge base using wiki. Create your class blog where everyone can share his/her thoughts, ideas, news etc.

Easily communicate with teachers and peers

Discuss issues and share your opinions leading forum discussions. Use chat options to ask your teacher for help or organize a discussion with peers. Send mails with documents or links attached to them.

"How can an educational establishment avoid immersing into chaos"


Support of the work on short-term education projects in a remote access mode and student groups in a distance education mode.


I've organized projects information. The project stages can be easily seen. Documents are also in the right place and they are available for teammates. Cloud CRM system is quite convenient and functional for us. We are not using all the service capabilities by reason of our own disorderliness. But if it were not for ONLYOFFICE, we would just lose ourselves in chaos.

Victor Chupakhin Samara Institute of Business Education

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