Powerful Online Spreadsheet Editor

Work with Excel documents online

Make numbers work for you

Ease and automate your calculations online, have your data organized and analyzed with ONLYOFFICE Spreadsheet Editor. Open, view, and edit .xlsx, .xls, .ods, and .csv files, and save spreadsheets as a PDF.

Carry out precise calculations with minimal effort

Achieve quick and accurate results by choosing amongst over 400 available functions and formulas. Apply table templates, use named ranges, and sort and filter data to simplify working with spreadsheets. Quickly find necessary content and replace it in one click.

Easily analyze data

Analyze data and find patterns using Pivot tables. Quickly filter data or indicate the current filtering state to see what data is displayed by adding Slicers to formatted tables. Remove duplicated values and rows to make your calculations more precise.

Illustrate your data with visuals

Add colorful charts and informative graphics. Insert equations, shapes, and images, and use Text Art or YouTube videos for data presentation and visualization.

Bring team efforts together

Work on business reports and stock recording collaboratively with your team. Access, share spreadsheets or even links to specific ranges, co-edit them in real-time, leave comments on cells, and chat with collaborators online without leaving the editor. Let other users apply their own filters while editing a spreadsheet without disturbing co-authors.

Automate your tasks with macros

Make your work with spreadsheets easier. Create your own macros using JavaScript language syntax, edit and save them to automate common and repetitive tasks. Make macros run automatically or restrict their autostart. Read API documentation

Do even more with add-ons

Extend the spreadsheet-editing capabilities with additional tools. Insert special symbols, get a quick translation of any text, and more. Read more about what you can do in Spreadsheet Editor
ONLYOFFICE features three online editors designed to combine the formatting quality of Microsoft Office applications with the online collaborative power of Google Drive.
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