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Collaborative Online Document Editor

Open, edit and collaborate on Word documents in real time

100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats

Take advantage of vast word processing functionality

No more limitations while editing your text documents online: enjoy 100% view, conversion, print and pagination fidelity, work with files of any size and complexity, use the enhanced set of formatting tools right from your browser. ONLYOFFICE Document Editor supports all the popular formats: DOC, DOCX, ODT, TXT, PDF, HTML.

Edit documents by your rules

Manage fonts and styles, format text, adjust line and paragraph spacing, insert a header and footer, change the page layout to make your documents look neat and tidy. Set mirror and gutter margins to prepare your documents for publishing. Read why ONLYOFFICE is more comprehensive than MS Office Online

Be creative

Create vivid documents with images, customizable charts, autoshapes and tables, Text Art, equations, drop caps and more. Easily adjust the inserted objects: move, resize, align, change wrapping styles, fill with color or pattern, etc. Create professional-looking forms and templates using Content Controls.

Explore deeper text analysis

Analyze your document: see the word count, paragraphs and characters with or without spaces. Search for a word or a phrase and replace it with a new one using Find and Replace service. View version history, select and restore any previous version with a simple click.

Improve your team's workflow

Collaborate on documents with your team: choose the appropriate co-editing mode - Fast to show all changes as you type, or Strict to show the changes after saving only. Leave comments and discuss the process in the built-in chat. Use the Track Changes mode with Preview in Review feature to know what your document will look like if you accept or reject the changes. Read why ONLYOFFICE is more collaborative than Google Docs

Compare documents with ease

Quickly compare two documents to see the differences with revision marks. Accept or reject changes one by one or all at once. Merge the changes and save them as a new version of the compared document.

Extend your editing capabilities

Take the most of your editing with the collection of third-party add-ons. Insert a YouTube video, add special symbols, translate any word or sentence, edit images right in your document, and even more. Read more about what you can do in Document Editor
ONLYOFFICE features three online editors designed to combine the formatting quality of Microsoft Office applications with the online collaborative power of Google Drive.
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