Illustrate data with visuals

Let the numbers speak with charts, graphs, images, and shapes

Add spreadsheet charts and graphs

Choose from multiple styles and types to illustrate your data. Make use of the chart data manager to make easy adjustments: manage the data range, legends, and cell snapping, change the axis and layouts.

Customize your chart’s look

Make your spreadsheet graphs and charts look unique by designing every element. Apply colors, gradients, and borders, and accurately place visual elements on your illustrations. Position, wrap, and resize to fit your worksheet.

Add shapes, images, videos, Text Art and SmartArt

Insert any objects into your spreadsheet to support your findings. Add and edit pictures and photos, create and customize autoshapes, and use Text Art to apply headlines. Insert SmartArt elements to create a visual representation of your information. Use custom images as bullets in bulleted lists. Insert YouTube videos and play them on the spreadsheet.

Highlight rows and columns with sparklines

Create miniature spreadsheet graphs to display trends on your table rows or columns. Customize their position and appearance. Choose from a selection of sparkline types and styles.

Apply templates and conditional formatting

Choose from multiple style templates to visually organize and polish your spreadsheets. View sheets with conditional formatting to browse data types, spot issues, and identify trends.

Download and install the desktop and mobile apps

Download and install the desktop and mobile apps