How to get free cloud office from ONLYOFFICE

10 December 2020By Nadya

Your team needs a cloud office to store your docs and manage projects? In this post, you’ll learn how to get one for free.

How to get free cloud office from ONLYOFFICE

Free cloud office for everyone

To help companies switch to remote work, we decided to provide new users with 6 months of free cloud service. You can get up to 50 users (more is possible upon request) with 10 Gb of storage for each of them.

This offer is valid till 2021, which means that if you register your cloud office in December, you can test ONLYOFFICE for free for 180 days without being charged anything!

Just fill in the form and register your cloud.


Free cloud office for schools and non-profits

Schools and non-profit organizations can use ONLYOFFICE for free with an unlimited number of users and 2Gb of storage (more Gb is available upon request). In exchange for cloud services, we just ask them to spread the word and share their experience of using ONLYOFFICE.

Here’s what to do:

We’ll get in touch in 3 days and make your cloud free forever.

Free cloud office for contributors

We need help in localizing new versions, translating documentation, creating content about ONLYOFFICE, and spreading the word. All ONLYOFFICE contributors can get cloud service with an unlimited number of users and 2Gb of storage for free!

Here’s what you can do to follow this path:

  1. Choose the way you want to contribute to ONLYOFFICE. Details
  2. Contact us at to get your task approved.<l/i>
  3. Create your free cloud office.
  4. After you complete your task, fill in this form.

We’ll get in touch in 3 days and mark your cloud office as free.

About ONLYOFFICE cloud

With ONLYOFFICE in the cloud, you can:

  • store your documents and media files,
  • edit and co-edit documents, spreadsheets, and presentations (max compatibility with MS Office!),
  • manage your projects and client relationships in one place,
  • arrange meetings with shareable calendars and set reminders,
  • be in touch with your teammates via mail, chat, and corporate social network,
  • connect Google Drive and other storages.