ONLYOFFICE on-premises: new features, pricing and licensing

7 November 2017By Tati

Hello everyone!

Today we are happy to announce a major update for our on-premise solutions – ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition and ONLYOFFICE Community Edition – and we hope you’ll find these changes useful.

Besides, as we informed you earlier by email, we have adjusted the licensing and pricing for our on-premise products that became effective November 1, 2017.

We also extended our product line for business users with ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition.

But first things first.

ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition 

New Features

This week we have updated three of four main ONLYOFFICE components: Community Server, Document Server and Control Panel. Here is what to expect from the new version:

ONLYOFFICE Community Server updated to version 9.5 with

  • Improved authentication security,
  • Reports and new currency settings in the CRM module,
  • Bulk actions and more flexible rights management in the Projects module,
  • Talk with new feel and look,
  • New interface languages: Dutch, Vietnamese, Turkish, Slovak, Czech.

Read details here.

ONLYOFFICE Community Server 9.5 is available as a part of both ONLYOFFICE Community and Enterprise Editions.

ONLYOFFICE Document Server updated to version 5.0 with a brand new interface, a lot of features and improvements, as well as new interface languages: Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese.

Watch this video to see how our online document editors look like today:

At present a new tabbed interface is available for commercial versions only. For open source users we have preserved our simple interface but give access to almost all new features, including pivot tables for viewing and 69 new formulas in online spreadsheets, notes in presentations, new plugins in documents, and a lot of improvements and bug fixes.

ONLYOFFICE Control Panel 2.2 with

  • Improved LDAP service performance,
  • Support for AD FS,
  • Customizable Login button for SSO,
  • Minor bug fixes.

ONLYOFFICE Control Panel 2.2 is available as a part of ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition.

To update your Enterprise Edition to the latest version, just follow the step by step instructions from our Help Center.

New Pricing and Licensing

We continue investing in our products to bring the most innovative web office apps to everyone. New prices will provide us with more resources to make ONLYOFFICE even better for our customers.

Products affected by these changes

These pricing and licensing changes will affect both ONLYOFFICE Enterprise and Integration Editions.

But before we go ahead, just some words about ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition. Historically, it has stood for a developer solution. With the introduction of the integration apps for Nextcloud, ownCloud, SharePoint, Alfresco and Confluence we decided to reorganize our product line to make it more transparent and clear. Now each name speaks for itself: Integration Edition for integration with a business solution you already use in your enterprise, Developer Edition for developers who wish to extend the web solution functionality they build.

Moving to per-connection tiers pricing

Before we’ve charged enterprises based on core configuration support for document editors providing the recommended number of users for each plan (ie. 50, 150, 1000 or more users). Starting from November 1, 2017 we will charge based on the simultaneous (or concurrent) connections* allowed for document editing. We can now answer the most frequently raised question: which plan to choose to allow the specified number of users to work on documents simultaneously.

*the maximum number of documents that can be edited at the same time. Once the maximum value is reached, each next document will open in read-only mode.

See the new pricing here.

Offering more granular tiers

A second question frequently raised: what plan to choose for an optimal performance if we have slightly more than 150 users. We decided to offer additional tier for enterprises with up to 400 employees. This plan includes all ONLYOFFICE modules and tools, White label option, 1 year of updates and support and 200 simultaneous connections allowed for document editing, all this at the price of $3600 per lifetime license.

See the new pricing here.

No more “maximum number of users” restrictions for Start plan of Enterprise Edition

This summer we have added a new pricing plan for enterprises with 50 employees maximum. As for today we have removed this restriction introducing the maximum number of simultaneous connections allowed for document editing. We believe that even though we have raised its price up to $750 per lifetime license, its popularity will grow and grow especially among enterprises that need the document editing capabilities for one of departments only (es. sales or marketing).

See the new pricing here.

No more need to pay for all four ONLYOFFICE components

This is a great piece of news for those enterprises who already use a business solution like Nextcloud, SharePoint, ownCloud, Confluence and Alfresco, or any other, and wish to integrate it with our online editors to offer document editing and collaborating capabilities. As for today they can opt for ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition that includes a full set of office apps, ready-to-use connector, one year of updates and support and offers three different pricing plans based on the number of simultaneous connections: Start, Standard and Standard Plus.

See the new pricing here.

If you still have questions about our new pricing and licensing, please contact our sales department at