Simplify file sharing with external users in public rooms

Easily interact with third-parties in ONLYOFFICE DocSpace
  • Ideal for public sharing
  • Absolutely safe for your office files
  • Easy to store where you want
  • Seamlessly embeddable
  • Cost-effective for any budget
Vytvoření bezplatného účtu

Ideal for public sharing

Invite any users who don't have direct access to your DocSpace such as partners, sponsors, subcontractors, etc., via external links to allow them to view files without registration. Generate multiple links with different parameters, if necessary.

Absolutely safe for your office files

External users have view-only access to all the documents within a public room. For additional protection, set a password and limit the link by time period, restrict file content copy, file downloading and printing.

Easy to store where you want

Use third-party services as data storage for your Public rooms: Google Drive, One Drive, Box, Dropbox, kDrive, Nextcloud, ownCloud, and others working via the WebDAV protocol.

Seamlessly embeddable

Easily integrate public rooms into any web interface. This way, users of your website or service will be able to access the room files directly from the web frontend.

Cost-effective for any budget

Pay for admins only and add any number of regular users for free. Benefit from a free Startup plan for small teams. ONLYOFFICE DocSpace is suitable for all businesses, no matter if it's SMB or a big enterprise. Want to get full control over your corporate data? Deploy DocSpace on your private server.

Začněte a vyberte si, kde budete pracovat

On-premises or in the cloud

Create rooms within your secure DocSpace, invite people, view, edit, and collaborate on all kinds of documents from any desktop or mobile device.

V platformě, kterou používáte

Connect DocSpace to collaborate on office documents directly from your business platform: Zoom, Drupal or WordPress.

V platformě si vytvoříte

Embed rooms or the whole DocSpace into your service to provide document storing and collaboration capabilities to your customers under your brand.

From your PC

Edit docs offline with free office apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS

From your mobile devices

Work on documents on the go with free apps for iOS and Android devices

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  • Kolik stojí DocSpace měsíčně?

    Cena služby ONLYOFFICE DocSpace začíná na €20 za administrátora/oprávněného uživatele měsíčně. Další informace o cenách a tarifech DocSpace.

  • Existuje samostatně hostovaná verze aplikace ONLYOFFICE DocSpace?

    Ano, můžete si jej stáhnout zde.

  • Jaká je technologická výbava aplikace ONLYOFFICE DocSpace?

    Back-end: С# 9.0, .NET 5.0/.NET Core/ASP.NET Core/MySQL 8.0/Kafka/ElasticSearch
    Front-end: ES6, CSS/SASS, React, Mobx, Styled-Components, i18next, Webpack 4/5

  • Does ONLYOFFICE DocSpace support RTL languages?

    For now, you can enable RTL languages for the DocSpace interface in the beta mode. RTL support for the editors will be available soon. If you have found a bug, please submit it via forum or contact us at