How DMS Solutions integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs in elDoc

10 June 2021By Ksenija

Read a story of DMS Solutions, our partner from Hong Kong who provides worldwide businesses with collaborative technologies, and particularly an integrated intelligent automated platform elDoc of which ONLYOFFICE Docs is now a part.

How DMS Solutions integrated ONLYOFFICE Docs in elDoc to boost digital transformation in businesses around the globe

About DMS Solutions

DMS Solutions is a vendor of Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform for Document Understanding, Document Workflow Automation and Content Management from Anywhere — elDoc.

DMS Solutions is a global technology provider based in Hong Kong that leverages computer vision, machine learning, and artificial intelligence to build a powerful digital workforce for their clients to secure their success on the market.

With help of DMS Solutions, companies achieve measurable results and reach their strategic goals through integrated solutions in the area of:

  • Intelligent Document Processing (Document Understanding);
  • Intelligent Document Workflow Automation;
  • Cognitive Automation;
  • RPA and Advanced Robotics leveraging Machine Learning, Computer Vision and AI.

DMS Solutions operates around the globe and serves high-performing enterprises including companies from Fortune 500 list coming from different industries: banking & financial services, insurance, logistics, healthcare, manufacturing & retail, government, real estate, transportation, oil & gas, energy, etc.

Discovering ONLYOFFICE

In scope of adding features on online document editing to elDoc (Integrated Intelligent Automated Platform), DMS Solutions has considered different technical possibilities and products available on the market.

Lilia Kanevska, Managing Partner at DMS Solutions:

Through the evaluation we have verified that ONLYOFFICE online document editing capability meets all our requirements related to simultaneous document editing, version control, interactive on-line chat and beyond. Considering that, we decided to embed ONLYOFFICE Docs into elDoc with an aim to bring integrated document collaboration and document workflow capabilities for our clients. Looking back, we may say that this was a right decision we made in 2017.

There are various advantages of ONLYOFFICE Docs, in scope of integration with elDoc:

  • Out-of-the-box ability to edit documents online;
  • Support for MS Office formats;
  • User-friendly interface for online chat;
  • Document version control features; 
  • Cost-efficient pricing model for the end users (lifetime rights for the product usage); 
  • Availability of Community and Enterprise versions to tailor different clients’ requirements and expectations;
  • Smooth integration. 

How clients benefit from ONLYOFFICE Docs integration in elDoc? 

We strongly believe that combining the right stack of technologies and diversified automated capabilities with an aim to deliver integrated solutions can create a true automation value for the end-users. Bringing together ONLYOFFICE editing online capabilities and eDoc Intelligent Automation capabilities can further accelerate digital transformation by supporting Clients from different industries around the globe to achieve greater operational excellence and what is most important end-to-end automation.

Together with ONLYOFFICE Docs, elDoc stands out as a great combination of technologies and automated capabilities such as document understanding powered with AI, automated document classification, data recognition, data capture and validation, document management, document workflow automation with “No Code” BPM, content management from anywhere, document archive, smart document search, document oriented CRM, organizational structure & users profiles, reporting & analytics, and online document editing.