The General Secretariat of Economic and Financial Ministries of France deploys the e_Par@f project

22 April 2021By Mary

Atol Conseils et Développements, a French developer of software for collaborative work and document management, and The General Secretariat of Economic and Financial Ministries collaborate on various projects: Documento DMS (based on Alfresco Content Services), deployment of the ONLYOFFICE Docs suite and its integration.

In this article, we are going to tell you about a new ambitious project. Alain Schaller, Lila Legay, Johan Grabinski, and Ahlam El Ahmar share their experience of developing and implementing e_Par@f.

The General Secretariat of Economic and Financial Ministries of France deploys the e_Par@f project

What is the origin of the e_Par@f project

The role of the General Secretariat of the Economic and Financial Ministries is to equip the various departments of the Ministry with efficient online collaboration solutions. More than 10,000 agents and 50 business structures are involved in its activities.

Within the framework of the COLL@DOC program, the Directorate General for Enterprises has integrated many projects into its information system: ONLYOFFICE, e_Par@f, and Documento.

The e_Par@f application was developed as a module for Dossiel, email tracking software. It was supposed to simplify a document validation workflow.

e_Par@f: goals to achieve

Directorate needed to convert paper documents and notes into digital files and work on them online.

Dossiel was a channel for the validation of documents and offered many other features, but didn’t ensure online document co-authoring.

Another need was to create a knowledge base with notes and documents available for everybody involved.

The Dossiel application was mostly used by administrative staff. e_Par@f is aimed at a wider audience: the application is also used by employees from different departments, for example, the project managers who create a multitude of notes in their everyday work.

Role of ONLYOFFICE within e_Par@f

Thanks to e_Par@f, the Directorate General for Enterprises has created an ergonomic document validation system using digital signatures.

They can now easily create notes and collaborate on them, add new users, define the number of validators, create document templates for future use to save time.

What’s more, it became possible to manage document versions, follow in real-time the stages of the validation process (where is a document or a note, its status, the next steps to come before the final validation).

The integration of ONLYOFFICE allows making last-minute changes before signing the document right within the e_Par@f interface without downloading and re-uploading the documents.

How Atol CD contributes to the e_Par@f project

Atol CD helped the project team to identify the needs and the most awaited features.

Atol CD also worked with the services of the Directorate General for Enterprises on writing a user guide and creating a video tutorial for future users.

The e_Par@f project team highly appreciated the collaboration with Atol CD.

Available in the Intranet, e_Par@f will be used by other departments of the Ministry in the nearest future.

This is a translation of an article published on the official Atol CD web site on December 09, 2020: