ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition joins Univention App Center

4 September 2020By Ksenija

Now you can integrate a full-featured, enterprise-ready collaborative office in your UCS instance directly from Univention App Center, as it has just been released as an independent application. Read this article to understand what this upgrade is worth.

ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition joins Univention App Center

About UCS

Univention Corporate Server (UCS) is an open-source platform for user and app management that allows building complex IT infrastructures accessible from a single interface and easily managing them.

Among other apps including diverse groupware, communication, and productivity components from independent vendors, it is possible to mount a sharing platform to host and manage files in UCS, choosing from Nextcloud, ownCloud and Seafile. With an integrated office suite like ONLYOFFICE, you can edit and collaborate on documents stored within these systems.

ONLYOFFICE has been a part of Univention family for a few years now, available as a free community version of ONLYOFFICE Document Server with an ability to get an upgrade to Integration Edition from ONLYOFFICE. From now on, it is possible to purchase and install ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition directly from the marketplace.

What you get with ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition

ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition is an enterprise-scale office suite for editing and collaboration on office documents that can be integrated into any sharing environment.

It offers flexible plans that allow extending number of simultaneous connections (number of tabs with documents online) to fit the necessary scale. With ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition you get the fastest access to the updates and professional tech support. Functionality of the solution includes:

  • Online editors for documents, presentations, and spreadsheets;
  • Wide range of formatting tools, work with complex objects;
  • Real-time collaboration in Fast and Strict modes, commenting, online chat, reviewing, version history.
  • Professional features including document comparison and advanced content controls for creating forms.
  • Mobile web editors.

To explore the functionality yourself, you start with a 30-day trial version. Prices start from €935 per server.

How to install

ONLYOFFICE works in UCS only when integrated in Nextcloud, ownCloud or Seafile as its primary file storage.

Once you make sure you have your instance of a sharing platform running, you need to purchase ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition and Install* it within your UCS instance. The suite will be automatically configured for integration.


*Before installing ONLYOFFICE Integration Edition you need to uninstall ONLYOFFICE Document Server to avoid conflicts between solutions.

Let us know if you have any questions about installing or using ONLYOFFICE in UCS. Use comment section below this post or tweet us at @only_office.