TeamLab 7.0: Meeting New TeamLab People

19 October 2012By Elena

People moduleThe topic of today’s post is a new module appeared in TeamLab 7.0 named People.

In the previous TeamLab versions, each module contained the ‘Users’ tab where all portal members were displayed and each member could belong to one certain group only. In version 7.0, it’s possible to add one and the same user to several groups recreating the project team structure in this way.

TeamLab People is a cross-module center where all portal members as well as groups they belong to are displayed and the needed data about a particular portal member as well as his/her contact details can be easily found.

In the ‘People’ module, every member has one of the following statuses:

  • active – such users are visible in the main list, have already confirmed their registration email address, receive email notifications and can collaborate with other portal members;
  • pending – such users were added to the portal or changed their registration email address on their profile page, but haven’t confirmed it yet; they can log in to the portal and collaborate with other users, but won’t receive any email notifications;
  • disabled – such users were transferred to the list of disabled users that can be viewed by selecting the appropriate filter option; they can’t log in to the portal any more.

The operations a particular portal member can perform within the ‘People’ module depend on the access rights he/she has.

Everyone added to the portal can:

  • edit own user profile,
  • view other users’ profiles.

The advanced permissions in the module are available to full access administrators* and portal owner only and include the following operations:

  • add new users,
  • create groups,
  • edit other users’ profiles.

* Full access administrators are users who have administrator privileges in all portal modules.

Below you can find the instructions on how to fulfill each of the listed operations.

How to edit your own or other user’s profile?

Edit profileEvery active or pending portal member can edit his/her own profile. To do that,

  1. click the link with your name in the right upper corner
  2. select the ‘Profile’ option
  3. click the Actions icon icon above your photo and select one of the following options depending on your goal:
    • Edit – to change personal information displayed on your profile page: first or last name, registration date, title, location, sex, date of birth, contact details, avatar photo
    • Change password – to change your password you use to log in to the portal
    • Change email – to change your registration email address (you can do that also by clicking the Edit icon icon next to the current email on your profile page)
    • Edit avatars – to select the image area that will be displayed as your avatar photo
    • Delete my profile – to receive instructions per email on how to do that

How to view other users’ profiles?

Open the ‘People’ module using the top menu, find in the displayed list the needed person and click his/her name.

If there is a need to view the profile of a disabled user, click the plus button on the filter bar and select the ‘Disabled’ option from the list. Then find the needed person in the list with disabled users.

How to add a new user?

Add userTo add new members to the portal,

  1. click the ‘Create New’ button in the left upper corner within the ‘People’ module
  2. select the ‘User’ option from the drop-down list
  3. fill in the fields marked with asterisk – first and last name as well as email address*
    * You can also select a group (or even several groups) the user will belong to, enter his/her title and location, upload an avatar photo. The registration date is always set to the current date.
  4. click the ‘Add’ button

Right after that the newly added user’s profile page opens and an email notification with a link for accessing the portal is sent to him. The new portal member gets the pending status that becomes active after the confirmation of his/her registration email address.

The link sent in the notification is valid for 7 days only. If the user doesn’t manage to complete the registration by following the link in time, you can resend this notification clicking the ‘Send invitation once again’ link on his/her profile page. If there are several users who exceeded the time limit given for email confirmation, click the Additional button button in the left upper corner and select the ‘Send invitations once again’ option.

To save time, it’s also possible to add users all at once from:

  • your Yahoo, Google or Windows Live account
  • your mail client address book
  • a CSV file

How to create a group?

Add groupWhile adding users, you will certainly need to create new groups. To do that,

  1. click the ‘Create New’ button in the left upper corner within the ‘People’ module
  2. select the ‘Group’ option from the drop-down list
  3. enter the group title into the field marked with asterisk, select the group head if this user has already been added to the portal
  4. click the ‘Add’ button

That’s all for today. If you faced problems, please feel free to contact our support staff. To share your opinion concerning TeamLab 7.0, visit our special feedback page where you can add comments and vote for other users’ suggestions.