Sharing Option within TeamLab Calendar

20 January 2012By Elena

Click to zoom inThe today’s post I’ll also devote to the calendar feature recently included into TeamLab. One of the options offered within TeamLab Calendar is sharing events added to personal calendars and the whole calendars with your colleagues who are also registered at your portal.

Sharing Events

Within TeamLab Calendar it’s possible to share events which belong to your personal calendars only (i.e. calendars situated in the ‘My Calendars’ section). If you want to share an already existing event with other portal users, follow these easy steps:

Click to zoom in1. Click this event within the calendar in the main area.
2. In the appeared window, press the ‘Edit’ button.
3. Click the ‘Add users for sharing’ link within the editing window.
4. The ‘Sharing Settings’ window will pop up letting you select the users or groups you want to share your event with:

  • click the ‘Add users’ link and select a single user or several users adding them one by one;
  • click the ‘Add groups’ link and select a single group or several ones adding them one by one.

All added users or groups will appear within the current window.
5. Set the access rights for the added users or groups using the ‘Read only’ link next to each of them. The ‘read only’ access means that the event will be added into ‘Events shared with me’ of the users you shared your event with and they will only be able to view it. The other available option is ‘full access’, that also means that the event will be added into ‘Events shared with me’ of the users you shared your event with, but they will also be able to edit it (see the ‘Editing Events and Calendars Shared with You’ part of this post). If you want to deny access to the event for a certain user, just click the Delete icon icon to delete him/her from the list.
6. Click the ‘Save’ button.

You can also share an event while creating it within one of your personal calendars. To do that, just use the same ‘Add users for sharing’ link within the event creating window.

After saving the changes within the event, all portal users you shared it with will be notified about that by email or Talk depending on the option selected on the ‘Subscriptions’ page.

1. To check the notification type, click the link with your name at the very top and select the 'Subscriptions' option from the list. On the opened page, find the 'Calendar' section and view the currently selected option in the 'Notify by' column.
2. If you don't receive notifications about events and calendars shared with you, you are obviously unsubscribed from them. To subscribe to them again, just click the 'Subscribe' link within the 'Sharing of Calendars & Events' line in the 'Calendar' section. By default all portal users are subscribed to shared events and calendars.

Sharing Personal Calendars

Please bear in mind that you can share the calendars situated within the ‘My Calendars’ section only. To do that, proceed through these easy steps:

Click to zoom in1. Find the needed calendar in the ‘My Calendars’ section and direct the mouse cursor to it. After that the icon will appear next to the calendar. Click it to open the ‘Edit Calendar’ window.
2. Press the ‘Add users for sharing’ link.
3. In the ‘Sharing Settings’ window, select the users or groups you want to share your calendar with, as described above.
4. Set the access rights for each user or group choosing between ‘read only’ and ‘full access’, as described above.
5. Click the ‘Save’ button twice – within the ‘Sharing Settings’ and ‘Edit Calendar’ windows.

After saving the changes, all portal users you shared your calendar with will be notified about that by email or Talk depending on the option selected on the ‘Subscriptions’ page (see the Note above).

To make the shared calendar appear in the ‘Other Calendars’ section of the users you shared it with, they need to click the icon. Then in the ‘Manage Other Calendars’ window, they need to find the ‘Calendars shared with me’ section, check the box corresponding to the shared calendar and click the ‘Save’ button. After that all the events from the shared calendar will be included into the user’s TeamLab Calendar displayed in the main area.

Editing Events and Calendars Shared with You

Let’s assume, you received a notification saying you were granted full access rights for your colleague’s personal calendar or event. What does it really mean? Let’s make an attempt to get points clear!

You surely know, if you were shared a calendar and got a read only access to it, you can only view the events which belong to this calendar. But having a full access, you can create new events as well as change and delete the already existing ones from the shared calendar, alter the calendar name, event notification time, event and text color, calendar sharing settings. All these changes will be applied to your calendar copy only.

As for shared events, the editing operations (available with a full access to the event only) include: changing or adding the start and end dates, repeat period and notification time, sharing settings, event description as well as turning it to an all-day event. The only exception represents the parameters of the calendar that includes the current event, i.e. the event and text colors.

Tips & Tricks:

  • The notification time set for a particular event has a higher priority than the notification time set for all the calendar events.
  • If you set the default notification time creating events within a calendar, you'll be able to change the notification time for all the events with just one mouse click opening the calendar editing window and changing the 'Alert' value.

That’s all for this topic so far. If you have questions and need assistance, please visit our Help Center or write an email to our Support Team. In case you have a great idea concerning TeamLab improvement or just want to express your opinion, you can leave your feedback that will surely be checked out and taken into consideration.