ONLYOFFICE v.8.8.0: Calendar&Mail Integration, Review Rights and New Mail Features

19 April 2016By Maria

Good news, everyone!

Big changes have come. We have released ONLYOFFICE v.8.8.0 with lots of new useful features in all the ONLYOFFICE modules. Stay tuned to learn more about them.


Calendar and Mail Integration
The biggest piece of news is that we’ve integrated our Calendar with Mail, making it possible to exchange event information between your ONLYOFFICE Calendar and other calendars using Mail. This means that you can:

  1. Invite not only your portal members, but also any Internet user to your event. To do so you have to know their email;
  2. Get email notifications whether your invitation was accepted or not;
  3. Inform all your guests by email about the changes you’ve made to the event (e.g. if you change the time, place or just cancel the meeting);
  4. Get invitations from other calendars and reply to them by choosing one of the following options: Yes, Maybe or No.

Tip on how to invite guests to your event

Click the Create New button in the upper left corner and select the Event option. Type the guest name or email address in the Guests field. Choose the necessary contact from the list or enter a new email and click the OK button on the right to add the guest.

Learn more about the Calendar&Mail integration in our Help Center.

We’ve changed the work with the Review mode. Just to remind: the Review mode enables your teammates to correct the sentences, phrases, spelling, and make other changes to the document without actually editing it.

ONLYOFFICE v. 8.8.0 allows you to share your documents selecting one of the available types of permissions: Read Only, Full access, Review or deny access to the previously shared document.

If you don’t want your colleagues to change the document, grant them the Review rights only, then accept or reject the suggested corrections.

Tip on how to set the Review permission

Select the needed file in the list, click the Share button to the right of its title. Choose the Portal Users access and select a person or a group you want to share the document with. Choose the Review permission and press the Save button.
To grant the Review permission to people outside your portal select the People outside Portal access type. Click the Open Access button, choose the Review link and select the way you want to share the document.

NB: This option is available for the .docx files only.

Learn more about sharing documents in our Help Center.

The integration with Calendar isn’t the only new thing about our Mail. Check other new features out:

#1. Address book to maintain your Personal Contacts list. Note that the people you’ve already sent emails to will be saved as your Personal Contacts automatically. You can also add a new personal contact manually.

Tip on how to add personal contacts

Click the Contacts link on the left side panel and select Personal Contacts. Click Create contact in the middle of the opened page. Fill out the Name, Email, Phone and Description fields. Click the Save button.

#2. Mail autoreply option to automatically reply to all incoming emails when you are absent.

Tip on how to use Mail autoreply

Сlick the Accounts Management link on the left side panel and choose the necessary account. Click the More button and select the Mail autoreply option. In the opened 'Mail autoreply' window check the Turn autoreply on option to enable the autoreply feature.

#3. Creating a new CRM contact from an email conversation. Link the whole conversation to the CRM contact if you wish.

Tip on how to create a CRM contact from the Mail module

Open the necessary conversation from the sender you want to add to CRM contacts and click any received message. Click the More button to the right and select the Create new CRM person or Create new CRM company option. In the opened Link conversation with CRM window select the action: Create and link or Just create contact. The First name, Last name (or Company Name) and Email fields will be automatically filled. Add some other data if necessary. Save the contact.

Learn more about working with Mail in our Help Center.

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