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Edit .docx, .xlsx and .pptx files online with ONLYOFFICE Personal + Box integration!

Need to open and edit a .docx file online? Well, here is a reminder that ONLYOFFICE is the only free cloud office, compatible with Microsoft® document formats. get free account         ONLYOFFICE is now integrated with Box … Read more

Be My Guest: External TeamLab Office Users with Restricted Rights

Hello everybody! The topic of today’s post will be interesting for the majority of you judging by the amount of votes the idea of adding external users, i.e. guests, got – they are over 300! This great suggestion was implemented … Read more

TeamLab 7.0: Meeting New TeamLab People

The topic of today’s post is a new module appeared in TeamLab 7.0 named People. In the previous TeamLab versions, each module contained the ‘Users’ tab where all portal members were displayed and each member could belong to one certain … Read more

TeamLab: Import and Export of Your CRM Data

The import and export operations represent an integral part of work with any data system making our life much easier. TeamLab is no exception. Within the CRM module you can import and export contacts, opportunities, tasks and cases – in … Read more

Tips on Performing a Search on Your TeamLab Portal

You always need to find something after entering your TeamLab portal, be it a certain task or a blog post. TeamLab offers you a number of search options that help you achieve your goal as quickly as possible. They are: … Read more