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6 June 2012By Nina

Technical support is a real pain in the neck for lots of web-services, but without any exaggeration not for us. Users always have plenty of questions, complaints and suggestions, that’s why we’ve created several support channels including interactive types like a user voice form, email messages, feedback page, online chat as well as reference materials like Help Center, FAQ and this blog, of course.

Support Service

Support channels top

You can reach TeamLab support team not only by email, but also using the Feedback & Support form that is accessible from any portal page. Apart from making queries and suggestions, you can also consult the Help articles and look for the necessary information on your own.

If we consider average month statistics, 67% of users send their messages by email and, correspondingly, 33% by the Feedback & Support form. 18% of those, who use the form, manage to find answers in articles and don’t send any messages to the Support service. This is true for the most frequent and simple questions as it’s next to impossible to envisage and describe everything in the articles.

As we can see, email requests traditionally prevail. We can only guess why, as it is much more convenient to access the support via the form, probably email still seems to be more secure and reliable.

Frequent questions top

Queries top (probably like in any other software firm) tends to comprise questions from newbies like:

– how to sign up/get a password;
– where to find user guides;
– what are the system, browser or device requirements;

– …and when is pay day?

Don’t be surprised, we sometimes face even these questions as any portal has a link to the support service and some users think that they can address their employers or managers this way.

Give your vote!

The feedback page welcomes any ideas of yours or your vote for the suggestion already forwarded before. This is really an inexhaustible source of useful information for us. As we have already written, the most demanded requests on the Projects module have been already included in the coming release.

Help Center

The center comprises the Getting started section, which is a general description of modules, tools and user/administrator work, then come User and Administrator guides, which are more detailed step by step instructions for a specific task, Tips&Tricks as useful recommendations for simplifying the portal navigation and also a number of video guides.

Recently we have added guides, articles and videos, created by our users – see our Contributors page

The Help Center is also getting more and more interactive. You used to vote if the resources were really helpful and the vast majority of answers was always affirmative, but we couldn’t understand what exactly didn’t satisfy the minority. That’s why now you’ve got an option to leave your comment when something isn’t clear and needs to be specified.

As a conclusion

Though it’s a complicated task to organize efficient technical support and this is proved by the negative experience of many modern companies, the successful practice will certainly cover all the costs and even bring profit. The high-quality and multichannel support is the best word of mouth and users’ trust guarantee. Besides, such feedback is really worth working hard for:

– Teamlab has a full collaboration of applications for every company big or small! The support is top notch, the guides are brilliant!

– Great show of customer support to not only respond but also work on the problem.

What about you, do you get use of all our support channels? As usual, we welcome any complaints, ideas or suggestions.