The ONLYOFFICE accessible to everyone

Our editors are designed to accommodate users with special needs to make the editing process comfortable and simple.


How we stick to the accessibility approach

Accessibility is the baked-in degree of ease with which the product can be used by people of all abilities. Explore the corresponding features in ONLYOFFICE Docs.

Screen readers

  • Listen to the voice notifications which render operations performed in the editors
  • Activate Screen Readers for text documents, spreadsheets, presentations
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UI tweaks

  • Change the size of the working area using multiple scaling presets.
  • Fit the editing area to page and screen width.
  • Hide or show toolbar, status bar, and rulers.
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Color modes

  • Comfortably work in any environment using various UI themes.
  • Let chart elements be displayed in high-contrast mode or have geometrical patterns to be distinguishable without being colored.
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Carry out most operations via hotkeys or keyboard shortcuts.
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Speech input

Easily type with your voice by converting spoken words into text.
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Alternative text

Specify titles and descriptions for images and other graphic objects so that other people better understand what information the object contains.
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AutoCorrect features

Use spell-checking and AutoCorrect options such as symbol replacement, straight to smart quotes replacement, automatic listing, etc.
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Convert the selected text into speech and have text documents read out loud.
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Automatically correct typography of your texts.
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Automatically translate the selected text into other languages.
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Any suggestions?

We are constantly working to add new accessibility features to the ONLYOFFICE editors. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them on GitHub or forum.