Teamlab adds CRM module

November 15, 2011

Freemium online collaboration service TeamLab continues to impress us with the new functionality. At this time Teamlab adds CRM-module. It's a pretty nice and easy-to-use CRM system that includes contacts, tasks, opportunities and cases. You can quickly import your contacts from CSV. For each contact you can add notes, tasks, attach files, opportunities and even link a Twitter-blog. The tasks provide email notifications, so you can create tasks for follow-up calls. In opportunities, you can plan the budget, success probability and track the stage, but there no financial reports like sales funnel. Cases section allows for example to organize different marketing events (see in one place all related tasks, contacts, documents). You can control access rights to all the records. In general, Teamlab CRM is pretty nice, and only lacks email integration. But the Teamlab developers promise to add Email-module soon as well as mobile version of the CRM system. For now the CRM module is in Beta stage and nothing is said about whether it will be paid or join the broad free functional of TeamLab.

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