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ONLYOFFICE connectors provided by our official technology partners

Connector for CommuniGate
Edit office documents and save them back in the CommuniGate Pro, a unified communication platform.
Get ONLYOFFICE for CommuniGate
Vendor: CommuniGate Systems
Developer website: www.communigate.com
Price: FREE
Connector for eXo Platform
Connect ONLYOFFICE online editors and edit office documents right inside eXo Platform, a digital collaboration platform for growing teams and large enterprises.
Get ONLYOFFICE for eXo Platform
Vendor: eXo
Developer website: www.exoplatform.com
Price: FREE
Connector for Liferay
Сreate, edit and co-edit documents inside Liferay Document and Media Library with ONLYOFFICE online editors.
Get ONLYOFFICE for Liferay
Developer website: www.smc.it
Price: PAID
Connector for XWiki
Connect ONLYOFFICE online editors to edit the existing attachments and create new office files: text documents, spreadsheets and presentations within XWiki, the advanced open source enterprise wiki.
Vendor: XWiki SAS
Developer website: www.xwiki.com
Price: PAID
Connector for HumHub
Collaboratively view and edit office documents (Word, Excel or PowerPoint) in real-time within HumHub, the flexible open source social network kit.
Vendor: HumHub
Developer website: www.humhub.org
Price: FREE
Connector for Moodle
Collaboratively edit office documents from Moodle, a learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators and learners with a single robust, secure and integrated system to create personalized learning environments.
Get ONLYOFFICE for Moodle
Vendor: Logic Expertise
Developer website: logicexpertise.com
Price: FREE
Connector for PowerFolder
View, edit and create new Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in any browser and share them securely, fast and automatically with those who need access within PowerFolder, an easy file sync solution.
Get ONLYOFFICE for PowerFolder
Vendor: PowerFolder
Developer website: www.powerfolder.com
Price: PAID
Connector for Pydio
Work on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in any browser within Pydio Cells, a modern file management platform.
Get ONLYOFFICE for Pydio
Vendor: Pydio
Developer website: pydio.com
Price: PAID
Connector for Seafile
Edit and co-author Office files with ONLYOFFICE within Seafile, an enterprise file hosting platform with high reliability and performance.
Get ONLYOFFICE for Seafile
Vendor: Seafile Ltd
Developer website: seafile.com
Price: FREE
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