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Documentation control system
Solid document sharing and collaboration software.

Individual and group sharing

Share docs defining read-only, review or full access. Set individual permissions or provide access to a whole division or team in one click. Links to external users also possible.

Version and revision control system

Get complete control over your documentation tracking even minor changes in a file by means of revisions and marking milestones by making a version.

Document embedding

Embed documents right into your site, web or mobile app. Provide visitors of your web page with an instant view of files without any extra downloads.

Single workspace for all your docs

Work with files from Google Drive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive integrated in your ONLYOFFICE account.

Close integration with all ONLYOFFICE modules

Manage all the documentation centrally, edit files right in the Projects module, make attachments to mail messages and CRM tasks.
Easy-to-use mail management tool
A perfect little online collaboration space for your entire team.

Mail Server

Add a mail server using your own domain name to create corporate mailboxes for your team members.

Mail aggregator

Collect, process and store all your correspondence in one place, connecting all email accounts to ONLYOFFICE.

CRM integration

Link email threads or separate messages to CRM contacts, cases or opportunities and have all the related correspondence at hand.

Document integration

Attach files from the Documents module to you emails for fast information exchange.

Calendar integration

Send invitations to your calendar event and notify guests about any changes you made. Get invitations from third-party calendars and reply to them.
A complete toolkit for a sales manager
It's a pretty nice and easy-to-use CRM system.
Live Enterprise

Basis to manage customer relations

Build your customer database, manage business processes, analyse potential deals success and track sales with all the essential features of CRM software: Contacts, Deal Opportunities, Tasks, Web-to-Lead Form and Communication history.


Adjust ONLYOFFICE CRM software to your specific needs: add new contacts types, tasks categories and special user fields. Describe your own business process using customizable opportunity stages.

Rapid entry of potential customers

Embed ONLYOFFICE web-to-lead form to your website and get the information on new leads automatically transferred to your CRM software database.

Invoicing system

Create an invoice right in your ONLYOFFICE selecting required consignees from your CRM database and linking it with a required deal opportunity.

Close integration with Mail

Add contacts from email to your database, send messages, invoices and view all the correspondence with clients right in CRM. Organize mass mailing right from ONLYOFFICE CRM.

Sales reporting

Generate reports to identify strengths and weaknesses in your sales and know what's going on in your business.
All your projects at a glance
The project management tool is perfect for fast or medium-sized projects. No more complicated than shopping on Amazon.

Project hierarchy

Use milestones, tasks and subtasks to determine priorities between your primary objectives and day-to-day activities.

Gantt Chart

Analyse project progress and task dependencies, update the scheduled events and deadlines in a couple of clicks.

Access rights management

Set individual access permissions for different module elements and create private projects. You have full control of what everyone can see and what actions perform.

Time management

Assess team performance and project activities using a time tracking feature-set and automatically generated reports.
Efficient time management tool
Easy to use software with an array of business-friendly collaboration features.

Individual or group calendar

Create your personal timetable, share calendars granting access to a certain person or schedule meetings with the entire group.

Easy scheduling with different event types

Add all-day or multi-day events to plan a training that lasts an entire day or longer, or make your event repeat at a certain interval. Send invitations to it to any Internet user. Use reminders to never miss a thing.

Synchronization with third-party applications

Import events, or add an iCal feed from Google, Apple iCal, Yahoo!, or any other calendar providing this feature and track events all in a one place.

Close integration with all ONLYOFFICE modules

Keep track of your milestones, Projects and CRM tasks, get notifications about coming user birthdays. Send and receive invitations to important calendar events.
Complete toolset for building a corporate network

Sharing company news/announcements

Create a corporate news board for posting latest company news, orders and announcements. Add and share bookmarks to useful or just interesting web resources with your colleagues.

Creating polls and surveys

Conduct a research, gather data, or get feedback from other office users with polls and surveys. Make your forum post more interactive adding questionnaires.

Maintaining corporate blog and forums

Share your ideas, knowledges and experiences with others adding posts to the corporate blog. discuss issues leading forum discussions.

Instant messaging application

Communicate with other users in real time, organize conferences in chat rooms, use mailing lists to send a message to many people at once.

Work with your documents offline or manage them on the go