Collaborate effectively on all kinds of office documents

Share, co-author and communicate in real time to get work done faster

Share docs providing flexible permissions

Share text documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and PDF files for viewing or editing, enable commenting or reviewing. Create ready-to-fill-out forms and let other users fill them in. Set permission for custom filtering to let collaborators filter data independently.
Share links to the selected range so that other co-authors can quickly find necessary data even in large workbooks.
Restrict the copy, download, and print options. Public sharing is also available.

Co-edit without stress

Co-author documents online in real-time, use the Fast mode to display all changes right after input. Enable the Strict mode to lock the paragraph you edit and work on it privately without interruptions.

Comment & mention

Leave comments to discuss questions and issues. Mention users in comments to invite them to collaborate and instantly share the file with them. Manage comments, sort them by author or date.


Chat with co-authors right in your documents. Enable the Jitsi or Rainbow plugins to make audio calls and organize video meetings. 

Track changes

Enable Track Changes to highlight your contributions and review changes made by other editors. Accept or reject changes one-by-one or all at once. Choose a way to display the changes you made.

Compare & combine

Quickly compare and find differences between two documents. Navigate between changes, accept or reject them. Combine two docs together.

Manage versions

Access the version history of your document, check who created each version and when, what changes he/she made. View and recover previous versions if needed.

Začněte a vyberte si, kde budete pracovat


Vytvářejte místnosti ve svém zabezpečeném prostoru DocSpace, zvěte lidi, prohlížejte, upravujte a spolupracujte na všech typech dokumentů z libovolného stolního počítače nebo mobilního zařízení

V platformě, kterou používáte

Připojte dokumenty k vaší platformě pomocí desítek připravených konektorů: Moodle, Nextcloud, Odoo, Wordpress a další a upravovat dokumenty přímo z aplikace

V platformě si vytvoříte

Integrujte Docs do své služby a poskytněte svým zákazníkům výkonné možnosti editace a tvorby dokumentů pod svou značkou

From your PC

Edit docs offline with free office apps for Windows, Linux, and macOS

From your mobile devices

Work on documents on the go with free apps for iOS and Android devices