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One pack - three editors - multiple features

Create, view and edit text documents, spreadsheets and presentations of any size and complexity. Work on documents of most popular formats: DOCX, ODT, XLSX, ODS, CSV, PPTX, ODP, etc. Deal with multiple files within one and the same window thanks to the tab-based user interface.

Highest compatibility with Microsoft Office formats

Real-time collaboration within your favorite cloud

Connect onlyoffice Desktop Editors to the cloud platform of your choice: onlyoffice, Nextcloud or ownCloud to collaborate on documents with your team – co-edit in real time, review, comment and interact using chat.

ONLYOFFICE ownCloud NextCloud

The onlyoffice suite brings to the table most capabilities one would expect from such a suite and paves the way to team collaboration, without making the user deal with complex customization and configuration details.


Extending your editing capabilities

Take the most of your editing with the collection of third-party plugins. Insert a YouTube video, add special symbols or a ClipArt object, automatically translate any word or sentence, highlight code, etc.

Do even more! Create your own plugin using our API documentation and ready-to-use examples available on GitHub.

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Thomas__r8 linux4noobs

I discovered OnlyOffice a few months ago (via a post on Reddit). I installed it on my Ubuntu, because I was tired of starting a Windows VM to edit some documents. I really like these design: you can switch to any Word, Excel or Powerpoint document with tabs. The major drawback for me is that you cannot open multiple windows, which is nice to have if you would like you compare multiple documents. The formatting of original Microsoft Office documents is well displayed in OnlyOffice, you can even write Microsoft proprietary fonts.

TL;DR : OnlyOffice is nice to quickly edit Microsoft Word documents.

wolfcry0 opensource

I find Onlyoffice significantly better than Libreoffice, I've been using it for about 6 months now after switching for both work and personal stuff.

pingmanping linux4noobs

I have been using OnlyOffice for updating resume, filling out forms, etc. For what I can tell, it is 100% compatible with MS Office formatting wise.

DamonsLinux linux

Well. For me Only Office is now default software. In my opinion is now much better than LibreOffice or WPS Office.

BlueGoliath linux

It looks worlds more modern than LibreOffice, that's for sure.

Zanshi @linux4noobs

Compared to google - it's offline and I think Google's product is simpler, Only Office is meant to be used instead of Libre Office rather than Google.

Compared to MS Office - you can have documents in tabs, a doc in one and a spreadsheet in another all in one window. It's compatibility with MS Office formats is a lot better than Libre Office. I used it at work, we were given total freedom as to what we use. Only requirement was that we are able to work. I had no problems opening and creating files that others used MS for. Only problem I had was with fonts, but that is probably due to not having those fonts installed.

aaronryder773 linux4noobs

Onlyoffice is a good alternative for people who dont like libreoffice

Zanshi linux4noobs

It is an awesome piece of software! Only thing I would change is the name. Got soo many laughs trying to tell people what I'm using at work...

cdorin1913 linux4noobs

Amazing piece of software. Using it for all the closed format docs.

ipproductions @linux4noobs
Thanks to whoever recommended me OnlyOffice!

I was between the cross and the sword with libre being open source but buggy and WPS being better being chinese closed-source. I had a weird problem yesterday with WPS on Mint and I finally had the incentive to look for an alternative. OnlyOffice has a great interface, even more "plagiarized" than WPS and it also works great by unifying all office apps into a single window, just color coding the tabs. So, just posting here for people that might be switching to Linux and are looking for good MS Office alternatives. Definitely do check OnlyOffice.