ONLYOFFICE, the best LibreOffice alternative


100% compatible with Microsoft Office formats

3 reasons why ONLYOFFICE is the best LibreOffice alternative

More compatible

ONLYOFFICE uses OOXML as a core format which guarantees 100% compatibility with Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint files (.docx, .xlsx, .pptx).

More collaborative

ONLYOFFICE empowers users with a complete set of collaborative features to work on documents with a team: co-editing modes, comments, chat, and more.

More complete

ONLYOFFICE is a cloud-based office suite for storing and editing docs online. For easy offline work, there are desktop apps for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS. Android and iOS apps are also available.

Watch this presentation to see the difference between both office programs:

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ONLYOFFICE vs LibreOffice: what to choose when you decide to ditch Microsoft

Yes, Microsoft Office is cool but one day it will become burdensome for your budget. Or you may want to give it up following your rebellious open source spirit. No matter what your reasoning is, you’ll need a good replacement. So… ONLYOFFICE or LibreOffice?

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Check out the compatibility with MS Office formats

We have saved the docx file created by Microsoft in PDF with different other suites. Here's the result.

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Still not convinced? Compare the editors yourself!

Download the docx file and try to edit it using LibreOffice/OpenOffice and ONLYOFFICE.

Read instruction how to compare editors