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Save and force save in ONLYOFFICE: never lose a document

In this article, we will tell you how saving in ONLYOFFICE actually works and how you can adjust it to your own needs. It will be useful for those who use the ONLYOFFICE cloud service or Enterprise/Community Edition.

Stay tuned with ONLYOFFICE notifications

ONLYOFFICE is updating you with notifications, triggered by all kinds of events that could be interesting for you – birthdays, comments in discussions, being granted document access. It is a convenient way to stay updated. At least,  as long as … Read more

ONLYOFFICE tips&tricks for educators: Part 2. Collaboration platform

In this post, we have assembled some tips&tricks for educators to ease the remote teaching process. In our previous article, we were talking about working with docs in ONLYOFFICE. In this one, we’ll focus on our collaboration platform.

ONLYOFFICE tips for students: how to make learning as effective as possible

ONLYOFFICE has proven to be an excellent solution for educational purposes. Now it is trusted by a great number of schools and universities all over the world. In this article, we have prepared some useful tips that will help students … Read more

Ease the transition into remote work with ONLYOFFICE 180-day free trial

Hello everyone! Lots of employers around the globe are now bound to encourage employees to work remotely in order to prevent further disease spread. We decided to join IT companies in their willing to support businesses and help people follow work-from-home … Read more