Stay tuned with ONLYOFFICE notifications

17 April 2020By Peter Schreurs

ONLYOFFICE is updating you with notifications, triggered by all kinds of events that could be interesting for you – birthdays, comments in discussions, being granted document access. It is a convenient way to stay updated. At least,  as long as it is not too much. And if it is, it’s time to take action and configure notifications.

notifications in ONLYOFFICE

Where to find the notification settings

The notification subscription settings are part of your Profile settings.

You will see that every module has its own settings. And here it is that you can decide what notifications to receive.

subscriptions in ONLYOFFICE

The notifications will be sent by default by the built-in messenger called Talk and by e-mail.

Talk and email notifications

In some cases, the notification type is not configurable (like the email notification with tips and tricks), but for the majority of notifications, it’s your decision how you want to receive them (email, Talk or both). And. of course, you can always switch them off.

Some useful facts:

    • Email notifications will be sent to the email you use to log into ONLYOFFICE.
    • If you choose Talk you will be notified in the messenger.
    • If you usually receive Talk notifications but haven’t started Talk yet you will still be notified – you’ll see those indicators on the Feed and Talk icons.

  • No matter what choices you made about the notifications, they will always be sent to the system feed.
Document updates notifications

You will not receive notification messages if your teammates update any docs you have access to. Instead of that, you will see colored indicators in the ONLYOFFICE document management system.
After you have seen the updated documents, you can dismiss them all with a single click, and the colored indicators will disappear.

Final note

Some notifications are vital, for instance, an email sent to you if you lost your password and want to restore access to ONLYOFFICE. Don’t worry about that, you can switch all the notifications off, but those notifications that you should always receive will always be available for you.

So, this is the way you can handle your notification subscriptions, take a few minutes to play around with them and make your ONLYOFFICE workspace the most comfortable working environment.

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