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6 November 2020 By Michael

How to import users with LDAP in ONLYOFFICE

Great news everyone! LDAP functionality is now available in community version of ONLYOFFICE. Let’s revise what is LDAP and how to use this feature when adding new users to your ONLYOFFICE portal.

2 June 2020 By Vlad

The chronicles of ONLYOFFICE: Year 6

From the previous chapter of the chronicles you probably know that in 2014 ONLYOFFICE opened its heart and code to its users. Rebranding gave our company the name we call it today – ONLYOFFICE. The…

28 January 2020 By Mary

ONLYOFFICE is referenced to the UGAP

Great news, everyone! ONLYOFFICE was exclusively chosen by UGAP, the French central public purchasing office, to meet the needs of public institutions for online collaborative tools and powerful document editors. What are the benefits of…