How to import users with LDAP in ONLYOFFICE

6 November 2020By Ksenija

Great news everyone!

LDAP functionality is now available in community version of ONLYOFFICE. Let’s revise what is LDAP and how to use this feature when adding new users to your ONLYOFFICE portal.

How to import users with LDAP in ONLYOFFICE

About LDAP

LDAP support used to be exclusive to enterprise version of ONLYOFFICE. The release of ONLYOFFICE Groups v.11.0 made this feature available in our free products (ONLYOFFICE Groups and ONLYOFFICE Workspace) within Control Panel functionality.

It allows you to easily import the required number of users and groups from your LDAP server (e.g. OpenLDAP Server or Microsoft Active Directory) to your portal after deploying ONLYOFFICE Workspace. No new passwords and logins need to be created and memorized – ONLYOFFICE will use the existing accounts from the LDAP server.

Importing users and groups with LDAP

To import users from your LDAP server to the newly created ONLYOFFICE Workspace, find LDAP Settings in the Control panel and follow the steps below:

1. Enable LDAP Authentication and open the parameters.

2. Choose if you want to secure your connections with StartTLS or to use the SSL protocol.

3. Fill in the required fields: Server, Port Number, User DN, User Filter, and Login Attribute.

How to import users with LDAP in ONLYOFFICE

4. Set up correlation between the user data fields on your ONLYOFFICE portal and the attributes in the LDAP user record and add additional attributes.

How to import users with LDAP in ONLYOFFICE

5. Enable Group membership to add user groups and set up access rights for them.

6. Turn on the Authentication switcher and enter the credentials of the user who has the rights to read data from your LDAP server.

7. Notify new users by email checking the Send Welcome Letter box in the Advanced Settings section.

8. Click the save button and start the importing process.

Read more about configuring LDAP in our Help Center.

Having trouble using LDAP in ONLYOFFICE or curious about how it works? Feel free to reach out via or drop us a comment below.