The chronicles of ONLYOFFICE: Year 6

2 June 2020By Vlad

From the previous chapter of the chronicles you probably know that in 2014 ONLYOFFICE opened its heart and code to its users. Rebranding gave our company the name we call it today – ONLYOFFICE. The 6th year of our history was full of life-changing events – it brought new solutions, updates, mobile apps, honors and important decisions. Let us look at the most memorable events of 2015.

ONLYOFFICE history, 6th year

Year 2015: Important milestones

Enterprise Edition. ONLYOFFICE releases one of its key products – online document editors and business productivity tools for hosting on a corporate server. It is a big success – in just a few weeks we get 800+ activation requests, sign 6 integration agreements and partner with 20+ resellers. Today Enterprise Edition is a choice of many businesses, governmental and educational institutions. It is open-source, focuses on data protection and offers a number of installation options.

Cloud Service update. We update ONLYOFFICE cloud to the version 8.6.0 that allows users to replace ONLYOFFICE logo with their own one, check previous versions of a document and print their emails.

Document Server 3.0 for Linux. ONLYOFFICE gives Linux enthusiasts tools for online document editing. The installation is possible on Debian, Ubuntu and derivatives, and also for RHEL, CentOS and derivatives. It may be run on any Linux computer using Docker containers.

ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS. In April 2015 we come to App Store with the first version of ONLYOFFICE Documents for iPad users. Its set of features is modest compared to what we have now – only text documents could be edited. Later our mobile editor becomes also available for iPhone owners. At the end of the year we enhance the app with viewers for spreadsheets, presentations and PDF files and add importing data from other apps and iTunes.

Mail Server. This feature was announced in 2014 and at the beginning of 2015 it was completely ready. Corporate users get an opportunity to create and manage their mailboxes with own domain name. Each user can have 2 email addresses and add aliases to mail on his/her behalf. Sending to a group delivers emails to multiple recipients. Mail Server was also available for Linux.

New support system. The development of a new form to submit issues makes it easier to get through our tech support. Also, it allowed users to mention a subject of their request and leave contact info to get feedback.

Award from PCMag. One of the most respectful IT-magazines includes ONLYOFFICE in the top list of document management systems of 2015. ONLYOFFICE gets this award 4 times in a row and remains a part of top picks in DMS of PCMag.

More localizations. ONLYOFFICE Content Writing and Translation Department together with contributors keeps on working on translating our software into different languages. ONLYOFFICE expands its geography and becomes available in more than 20 languages. Slovenian appeared on its portals, Turkish and Portuguese are completely finished.

New success stories. ONLYOFFICE helps even more users make their work easier. Some of them desire to share their story of switching to our software, for example Frans van Beers – a tech blogger from the Netherlands.

Come back next week to see what happened next in the history of ONLYOFFICE project. Don’t hesitate to share your own stories and memories with us via Twitter or leave a comment bellow. Your feedback is always appreciated!