ONLYOFFICE Workspace joins the OVHcloud Marketplace

23 September 2020By Mary

We are delighted to announce that our new offer ONLYOFFICE Workspace is now available on the OVHcloud Marketplace. It brings us even closer to our new users who are looking for a comprehensive collaboration environment deployed on their dedicated instance, hosted and managed in France. For more details, read this article.

ONLYOFFICE Workspace joins the OVHcloud Marketplace

What is ONLYOFFICE Workspace?

Our full-featured self-hosted solution (former ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition) gets a new name: it’s called now ONLYOFFICE Workspace. This online suite comprises now powerful editing tools highly compatible with MS Office formats, productivity apps, and Control Panel. With a few clicks, you can manage all your documents, projects, client contacts, and mails.

We are preparing big updates: the version 11.0 that will bring lots of enhancements to the collaboration platform and the Control Panel, the major release of the editors with long-awaited features in spreadsheets, and a new product portfolio. Stay tuned!

From the idea to the OVHcloud Marketplace

After the OVHcloud Marketplace has been successfully launched, we could not miss this opportunity to offer our tools, hosted by one of the biggest European cloud providers, to SMBs, schools, local communities, and government organizations. In collaboration with our French partner Full IP Solutions, that represents more than 450 vendors with expertise in IT security and distributes their solutions for more than 20 years, we prepared the documentation and submitted it for review.

The OVHcloud team closely examined all the elements and tested the tools to make sure that they perform as they should. Finally, ONLYOFFICE Workspace has been referenced for 25, 50, 100, and 200 users in the category “Collaborative suites”:

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ONLYOFFICE Workspace débarque sur OVHcloud Marketplace

Roberto Correnti, Founder and CTO at Full IP Solutions:

Over the past 6 years, we have partnered with OVHcloud, and have distributed the ONLYOFFICE solutions for 3 years now. These tools, especially during this time of pandemic and the shift to remote work, are feature-rich, easy to use, efficient, and ultra-competitive with cloud solutions offered by the tech giants. In cooperation with these two partners, we have managed to provide our clients with the collaboration solution, hosted in Europe, that suits their needs and gives full control over data.

Galina Goduhina, Head of Sales at ONLYOFFICE:

We are proud that the ONLYOFFICE suite has been referenced to the marketplace of such a recognized French provider as OVHcloud. Their trust proves the quality of our products and allows us to gain a larger market share.

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