Start the new school year off right with ONLYOFFICE

8 August 2019By Mary

Hello everyone!

Back-to-school time is coming! ONLYOFFICE has prepared the list of solutions for students, teachers and educational establishments to make back-to-school experience stress-free and easier on their finances.

ONLYOFFICE free solutions for students and teachers

ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors is a free suite that comprises three editors included in one package: for text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Desktop Editors are of great help for both teachers and students looking for a free alternative to MS Office. ONLYOFFICE desktop suite offers a familiar tab-based interface and perfect compatibility with all popular formats. Desktop Editors can be connected to the cloud to work and collaborate on stored documents.


ONLYOFFICE Personal is a free cloud solution for storing and editing personal documents that allows connecting third-party storage services like Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, etc. and working on docs from anywhere at any time. All the files are even closer now with a new ONLYOFFICE extension for Chrome.

It is a nice costless individual office for students. They can take class notes or research and write reports or other written assignments, and don’t have to travel everywhere with their USB flash drives.


ONLYOFFICE Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices are also completely free. They allow to manage and edit documents or stored both on ONLYOFFICE portals and various cloud services connected to ONLYOFFICE. Using the app for iOS, you can also work on local files.

ONLYOFFICE Documents for iOS was reviewed by independent UK teachers and got 5 stars on Educational App Store. Teachers highly appreciated the app in terms of the ability to collaborate and share documents and the instant document “save”.


ONLYOFFICE for educational establishments

ONLYOFFICE provides educational establishments with a multifunctional online office suite featuring tools for maintaining classroom routine, such as:

    • real-time text, spreadsheet, and presentation co-editing,
    • storing and sharing lectures, handouts, student work, and contact information,
    • planning and monitoring in-class and out-of-class activities,
    • involving class and parents with built-in mail, chat, blogs, forums, polls, bookmarks, calendars, and tools for creating a wiki.

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Special education pricing

Depending on the educational establishment’s size and needs the suite can be deployed:

  • as a cloud-based solution. GDPR compliant ONLYOFFICE Cloud Service is chosen by schools and universities with limited resources because this option doesn’t require new infrastructure or extra IT staff. We offer ONLYOFFICE Cloud solution for free to schools and with 50% discount for universities.



  • as an on-premise solution. ONLYOFFICE Server solution offering a full set of data protection, monitoring and backup tools, is suitable for bigger universities and establishments with their own IT infrastructure and staff responsible for maintaining the solution and all its related processes. We offer ONLYOFFICE Server solution with discounts for schools and higher education.



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For e-learning platform developers

ONLYOFFICE Online Editors can be integrated into the platform of your choice. ONLYOFFICE Developer Edition and e-learning platform integration allows making written assignments and presentations directly within your learning platform using familiar formatting tools.


Use cases

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ONLYOFFICE offers to edit document collaboratively within Cloudstorage (the online storage service in the University of Oldenburg for all their students and teachers). Read more >>
We wish teachers, students and their parents an excellent and productive new academic year!
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