How to Insert a YouTube Video into Your Word Document?

1 February 2017 By Tati 0 2,042

Hello, everyone!

Today we will learn how to insert a YouTube video into your text document or presentation using ONLYOFFICE cloud or desktop solutions.


As you already know, starting from version 4.1.2 ONLYOFFICE supports third-party plugins. Currently, there are five plugins:

  • ClipArt to add various ClipArt objects to your documents.
  • OCR to recognize text from the pictures and screenshots.
  • Speech to convert selected text into speech.
  • Chess to play chess directly in your document.
  • YouTube to insert a video into your document or presentation.

If you use the cloud solution, these plugins are automatically available for you. For a desktop version, we need to add them manually.

Adding plugins (for Desktop Only)

Step 1. Download the plugin collection from GitHub.
Step 2. Unzip the downloaded archive and open the folder.
Step 3. Select the plugins you wish to add. We need the YouTube plugin.
Step 4. Open its folder. Select all the files it contains with the mouse and archive them.

Note: please archive the files, NOT a folder itself.

Step 5. Change the archive extension to .plugin.
Step 6. Drag-and-drop the resulted archive to the office suite main screen.

Inserting YouTube video

Step 1. Create a new document or open an existing one.
Step 2. Place the cursor where you want your video to appear.
Step 3. Click the Plugins button on the left-side panel and select the YouTube plugin.


Step 4. Paste your YouTube video URL and click the OK button.


That is all. The video is inserted into your document. Now you can manipulate it: adjust its size, rotate and change its position.

To play your video, just double click it.


For more ONLYOFFICE editor tips and tricks, visit our Help Center. For any technical problems, please contact us via forum.

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