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18 August 2020 By Mike

Contribute to your future in open source

To all young tech enthusiasts out there: whether you are a school or a university student, we invite you to contribute to ONLYOFFICE project and add to your early experience in open-source software. If you…

30 September 2015 By Tati

ONLYOFFICE Translation and Content Writing Tools

Hello everyone! We continue our series of blog posts about tools used for the ONLYOFFICE development and today we’d like to show you a small piece of the ONLYOFFICE content writing and translation team world….

30 September 2015 By Tati

Breaking the Language Barriers with ONLYOFFICE

Dear friends! On the occasion of the International Translation Day we ask our content writing and translation team to tell us some words about the ONLYOFFICE localization process, the role of ONLYOFFICE in this process…