Contribute to your future in open source

18 August 2020By Ksenija

To all young tech enthusiasts out there: whether you are a school or a university student, we invite you to contribute to ONLYOFFICE project and add to your early experience in open-source software. If you aspire to become a developer, translator, or tech writer, or just want to train your skills, this is your chance to earn valuable experience, credit and some generous rewards. Read this post to learn more.
Contribute to your future in open source

Who ONLYOFFICE calls for

If you are that person who dreams about founding a future in tech, or are just willing to nurture your skills and get professional experience in the software world, you are welcome in ONLYOFFICE. We want to give students that learn coding, language, or technical writing an opportunity to join our worldwide community of contributors to boost their future careers.

Exercise your knowledge. With real-life cases for writing, translation, content creation and coding comes the best practice to master what you learn. Our team will assist you with anything you may need on your way.

Obtain research material. Working on a course task, or maybe even a research paper? Check out what we can help you do in your practical part to get you a solid ground.

Grow a nice kick-off portfolio. If software is your field of choice, here’s your opportunity to have something up your sleeve when looking for a job in tech, whether you are an aspiring programmer, translator, tech blogger, or content creator.

Get a professional cloud office for free. Besides all these opportunities, we reward our contributors with professional collaborative solutions to become reliable companions in your studies and work.

How to contribute

Develop a plugin. ONLYOFFICE editors are not only a powerful work tool for millions, but also a cozy sandbox for developers of all levels thanks to the open API. You can hop in and extend their functionality even further with your own third-party plugin ideas or by creating one from the existing wishlist.

Read more information about creating ONLYOFFICE plugins in our Call for Developers. Feel free to reach out via for details.

Write/translate the documentation. ONLYOFFICE Help Center is where our users learn about working with ONLYOFFICE using our guides and instructions. You can write the documentation in the incomplete areas or translate the existing articles into your language.

Read more details in our Call For Contributors. Contact if you are ready to start.

Create/translate blog content. ONLYOFFICE is a big family of solutions for personal and commercial use with numerous features that always evolve and appear anew. There are never too many how-tos, guides and tutorials for all of them, and you can write yours and get them published. If you speak German, French, Spanish or Italian, you can contribute by translating the existing articles in your language.

Interested? Read more in our Call For Contributors, or drop us an email right away at

What you get

Not only are we willing to offer you the experience and full assistance in your task, we also think all contributors deserve a fair reward. By contributing to ONLYOFFICE project you can get:

  • A free ONLYOFFICE Home Server;
  • Additional disk space for ONLYOFFICE Personal;
  • A free ONLYOFFICE cloud with no user limitations and 2 GB of storage;
  • A discount for ONLYOFFICE self-hosted solutions.
  • Financial rewards (if your are legally allowed to receive payments).

Maybe you know someone who will be interested in contributing to ONLYOFFICE? Share this post to your friends and classmates to help them find new opportunities in open-source.