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30 June 2020 By Vlad

The chronicles of ONLYOFFICE: Year 10

Let’s recall 2019. This year is a fine example of ONLYOFFICE’s annual progress – we released numerous updates and improvements for all solutions, announced new integrations and partnerships, added 200+ localizations and took floor at…

4 June 2020 By Nadya

ONLYOFFICE in the City of Hopewell

During the pandemic, Hopewell, Virginia adopted ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition to enable remote work for 500 government employees, including police, municipal workers, government officials, and others. If you want to learn more about Hopewell officials’ experience…

13 March 2020 By Mike

How to backup ONLYOFFICE: a complete guide

Hello everyone! Following up the recent security checklist, today we want to tell a little more about another important way of keeping your data safe. Read this post to learn how to do backups in…

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