How to backup ONLYOFFICE: a complete guide

13 March 2020By Ksenija

Hello everyone!

Following up the recent security checklist, today we want to tell a little more about another important way of keeping your data safe. Read this post to learn how to do backups in ONLYOFFICE solutions.

ONLYOFFICE cloud service

To ensure the safety and availability of your data on the service level, ONLYOFFICE performs regular backups of the cloud. However, if you are interested in saving copies of your ONLYOFFICE cloud yourself (e.g. for migration), you can find backup features of ONLYOFFICE cloud service in Data Management settings of the Settings directory.

Backup settings menu in ONLYOFFICE cloud solutions

You can back up your portal data manually once, or set up automatic backups with desired frequency and dates.

Automatic backup

  1. Enable the Automatic backup option and select the necessary data location:
    • ONLYOFFICE Documents. To save the file in the chosen folder of Common Documents, click the Choose button to select this folder and click OK.
    • DropBox, Box, OneDrive, Google Drive, etc. Check the corresponding box and select the needed service in folders to save backup in the cloud service of your choice.
    • Third-Party Storage. This lets you store copies in previously integrated services like Amazon AWS S3 service, Google Cloud Storage, Rackspace Cloud Storage service or Selectel Cloud Storage. Choose the service and enter the necessary data to set up the connection.
  2. Choose frequency of the backups and and set the time and day of the week/month for a backup schedule.
  3. Choose the maximum number of latest copies to be stored, from 1 to 30.
  4. Click the Save button to finish setup.

Manual backup

You may also want to save your data manually on the occasion.

  1. Choose the desired location in the Data Backup section as described above, in the Automatic backup instruction. Additional Temporary backup option here lets you save the data on your local drive for 24 hours.
  2. Check the Include Mail in backup option if necessary.
  3. Click Make a copy button to create the copy.
ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition

Backup features of ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition can be found in the Backup menu of the Control Panel. Here, you can or set up automatic backups with desired frequency or choose to create a single copy immediately.

Backup settings menu in the Control Panel of ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition solutions

Backups in ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition are configured and performed exactly like in ONLYOFFICE cloud service. Follow the instructions above to learn how to save your copies manually and automatically.

How to restore your data

Control Panel of ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition allows restoring the backup data from the compatible location, including the backups of ONLYOFFICE cloud service. The Data Restore menu is located next to the Backup menu.

Restore settings menu in the Control Panel of ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition solutions

To restore ONLYOFFICE Enterprise Edition from the copy:

  1. Choose the backup source and select the backup file from which you want to restore ONLYOFFICE. In case it is stored in third-party storage, you need to enter the correct path to the file in the Path field.
  2. To notify users about the restoration process, check the corresponding box.
  3. Click the Restore button.

Alternatively, you can click the backup history where you can manage the backups and instantly launch the restoration from any file.

ONLYOFFICE Community Edition

If you are using ONLYOFFICE Community Edition, you can save a copy of your data manually from where it is stored. Find the files containing ONLYOFFICE data. Here are the locations in Windows, Linux, and Docker installations:

Windows server. ONLYOFFICE files are stored in the following folders by default, unless you installed ONLYOFFICE elsewhere:

c:\Program Files\Ascensio System SIA\ONLYOFFICE\Data\
c:\Program Files\Ascensio System SIA\ONLYOFFICE\WebStudio\

Linux server. ONLYOFFICE data is stored in:


Docker container. Folders in the Community Server Docker containers (not on the host computer) which contain ONLYOFFICE data are:


Note: If you are using Windows or Linux installation, create your MySQL database backup file using software of your choice (we recommend using HeidiSQL).

If you are backing up your data to migrate from one installation option to another, follow the migration instructions in our Help Center.

Have any questions about backing up ONLYOFFICE? Leave us a comment below and we will help you!