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ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors are now available in Linkat

In June a really good piece of news was announced: ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors had been included in Linkat, an educational GNU/Linux distribution from Catalonia, Spain. Read this blog post to find out how this distro featuring ONLYOFFICE promotes the use … Read more

ONLYOFFICE connector v.4.3.0 for Nextcloud: drag & drop document sharing in chats is now available

Good news, everyone! We have updated ONLYOFFICE integration app for Nextcloud to version 4.3.0 bringing easy document sharing in chats with drag & drop. Learn more about the new release from today’s blog post.

How Escuelas Linux and ONLYOFFICE contribute to basic education

Today we are going to tell you about Escuelas Linux, a feature-rich Linux distribution created for educational purposes. Read this article to find out how this project featuring ONLYOFFICE makes a fair contribution to basic education and the use of … Read more

How to install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors on Endless OS

In today’s article, we are going to explain how to install ONLYOFFICE Desktop Editors on Endless OS.

The chronicles of ONLYOFFICE: Year 7

Following up upon our series of chronicles, today we are going to look back on the seventh year of ONLYOFFICE project. In 2016, our team introduced new collaboration features, released desktop editors and made them open-source, entered the first official … Read more